That's Enough Jon and Kate

Let me state for the record, I do not watch Jon and Kate plus 8. I am no fan of kids and spending a half hour of my life listening to 8 of them scream and wail is no picnic for my ears. But you can't avoid what's happening in their lives right now. They're making cover after cover with ridiculous headlines with shocking stories, and exposed secrets. Whatever it all is, I'm over it!

Yesterday I read a Perez post about how their show was losing ratings. Their season premier got 9.8 million viewers and after 3 weeks and 50 headlines later its down to 2.9. I mean it's no wonder everyone is sick of them.

Well TLC and Jon and Kate must be getting worried their ship is going down fast and doing anything they can to get their viewers back because Monday it's an hour long episode and "this couple in turmoil is now at a crossroads, and they have an announcement!"

It's going down! And by "it" I mean the show all together.

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