My jaw is still gaping after last nights TRHoNJ! I would have paid good money to be a fly on the wall at that dinner party.

Which let me start out by saying that the whole basis of why the were having the dinner was ridiculous, and of course the idea was brainstormed by the genius of the group: Teresa. She wanted to throw a housewarming party for all the girls upon moving into the house of gaudy-ness at a restaurant. That's right a housewarming party not at your new house, but a restaurant. Brilliant! Less clean up. I must remember this when I buy my first home.

So the scene was set for a MAJOR cat fight since all the girls, including the much hated Danielle, were invited to the dinner. This is a typical season finale scenario for any Real Housewives show on Bravo. They haveall the girls get together and bring their families and have one last chance to bring out their claws and hope they get picked up for a second season. I hoped it worked!

Dinner starts out fine, everyone is laughing having a good time, Teresa starts telling a funny "bubbies" story and then all of a sudden Danielle reaches under the table and pulls out "the book." Awkward silences and eye contact avoidance ensues. *Side Note* This is what I love about these shows, things are planted and scripted (obviously) Danielle came into that dinner with a clutch...where did that book come from, under her dress? the waiter/producer brought it to her??? Very suspicious!

But anywho, once the book was on the table, all hell broke out. Caroline, of course, takes over the situation, trying to protect Dina, and her family. Pointing fingers, hair flipping and catty remarks were flying! The best twist of it all was originally everyone thought Dina revealed the book to the town; turns out it was Caroline. So then Caroline and Danielle have it out, Jacquelin trys to stand up for Danielle, calls her family a pack of liars. Tempers are heating up and Teresa is about to bust a bubbie she is so mad. She was not going to stand Danielle ruining her housewarming party and started flipping out on her. She tipped the table over and her hubby had to take a choke hold to her to get her to calm down!

Then they wrapped up the finale with a "where are they now" segment. Thanks to new bubbies and a lot of loving in the bedroom, 2 of the housewives are expecting new babies, one is still on the hunt for a man, another is happy to have quit work and to be a house wive, and another "stands behind her decision to expose the book, and would do again."

Gosh, I all this New Jersey drama makes me super excited for Real Housewives of Atlanta to start!

For an even funnier retelling of the show check it out here.

(P.S. This book is selling used on amazon for $189 bucks!)

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  1. I'm not sure how the book relates, lol, but I like it!