Jersey Girl Recap

"Red & Black and Read all Over"

All right, lets dish about last nights episode. So, obviously Bravo is fanning the "lets make war between Danielle and the rest of the women" flame and by the end of the episode I was kind of sick of it, but creating drama is what they do best, so they stick to the story line that works.

We had to hear about Danielle against Dina the entire time. At dinner with Jacqueline and Teresa, and then later with just Jacqueline, and then later still with Danielle's best gay over for lunch. But what it basically boiled down to was Danielle got into some trouble with the law because of a boyfriend she had when she was 20. I mean who wasn't come home from a European photo shoot to a house with 30 rooms and then be busted for an accessory to trafficking? But somebody wrote a book about it, and the whole town found out about it. Feathers were ruffled.

The most hilarious part of the whole thing was you heard her retell "the book" story 4 or 5 times, and she acts like it's a big secret that she didn't want out, but she goes on to say that if someone like Dina came to her directly and asked her about it she would have told her. If that's the case what's the big deal?? So ridiculous.
But onto the funnier parts of the show:

Dina; wants her 12 year old daughter not to go to Cypress for 2 weeks because she wants her to stay in Jersey forever. And she thinks that while there she will contract Lyme disease and fungus from a water park. ???

Teresa and her heard wear. WOW. I love it. The big headband at dinner, the 15 ways she can style her hair, the weird demin looking biker hat...oh she is a hot mess. Her fashion choices alone are worth watching this show. All I can say is I wish I had a family photo like this with my mother.

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