Yay Fall!

Welcome Fall! I hope this season leads to crisp evenings, cool afternoons, cute sweater/scarf combos, playing in the leaves, and pumpkins. I'll love it until November.

Bad Apple...

This little apple is way behind on her blogging! It's already Monday and I said we'd talk about Thursday's must see tv line up on Friday and I totally forgot!

I was crazy busy at work on Friday and the weekend was spent entertaining my bf's wonderful mommy so here we are on Monday with the thoughts, which seems a bit silly now since it seems like it happened forever ago, but I'll keep it short.

Parks and Recreation was actually funny. Last season I was disappointed to see how similar it was to The Office and I was ready to call it a wash, but since I was so excited for NBC's line up I decided to give it another chance. I'm glad I did. I loved the whole gay bar thing and learning more of the lyrics to Parents Just Don't Understand. It seemed to distant itself from the creators original show and I hope the rest of the season continues to get better.

The Office. Loved it! I laughed, I "awwwed" at Pam and Jim, and cringed over Michael's lack of social interaction skills. Can't wait for more.

Community. It was good. The best scenes were when Abed recited my favorite monologue from The Breakfast Club and his line, "can you guys hear me? Am I deaf?" I'm interested to see where the show goes and if it can stick around.

On another TV note, it being Monday the 21st...How I Met Your Mother premiered tonight and it was legendary! It wasn't the funniest episode I ever saw, but laughs were had, and plot lines were set up and I couldn't be more excited to have a new show to watch on Mondays, because lets face it, who's really watching the 4th season of Heroes??? A 2 hour premier? I don't see it making it after this year. (physic powers don't fail me now!)

The Best Night on TV

You've waited months and months, but your favorite Thursday line up is back tonight! NBC, 8 o'clock, be there and get ready to laugh. Parks and Rec, The Office, and newbie Community (which you heard me talk about here). 30 Rock doesn't start for another month, but at least we have the dependable employees of Dunder Mifflin to see us through until we get all 4 shows back in gear.

Let's review them all tomorrow!

Fall is Officially Here

Because the Martha Stewart Halloween Magazine is on stands!

I have dreams of living in an old farm house with big windows to hang cobwebs in, a large front porch to adorn with lots of pumpkins and mantles to add Fall and Halloween touches everywhere. From invitations, pumpkin carving, food, treats, decorations, and costumes Martha gives you a great idea for everything.

What great is most of the ideas and templates are available on line with step by step directions. I mean look how cute these little guys are?? Can't you see them as place card holders, or to label certain candy or food dishes? I'm going to try my hand at some to the projects this year and one day I will have a Martha Stewart Halloween party!

(oh it was worth the wait)

Old Friends....

IS this not the cutest picture ever??!!

How I Met Your Mother is a show I absolutely adore. I started watching it last season and I was in love after one episode. ME and BF loved it so much he bought seasons 1-3 so we could know all the back stories and inside jokes; because if you've ever watched the show they LOVE to do flashbacks. I have until September 21st to finish catching up and the new season begins. Finding this picture online made me giddy with excitement. Trust me after a few viewings Barney, Robin, Ted, Lily and Marshall will feel like your best friends.

Watch it. It'll be, wait for it.....LEGEND.......

That's Enough Lady Gaga

I have had up it up to here with this person. I find her ridiculous, non relevant, and an awful singer.

It's no secret my source of news comes from Perez Hilton. I try to read CNN or Huffington Post for more current events, but it's just not the same as the celebrity gossips. But right now I am just about sick of reading Perez because every other post is about her. I don't know if they're BFFs or he's just obsessed but it's starting to get on my nerves and I can't believe she has that many fans that care.

She and Perez took it too far when they posted this picture of her.

I know for a fact Hello Kitty would not want to be associated with this trash.


(I dislike her so much I'm not even putting a picture of her to go with this post!)

It's like looking in a mirror

Mother & Daughter

I saw this picture of Lourdes on Perez the other day and could not get over how much she looked like Madonna. Of course she would, it's her daughter for crying out loud, but isn't it amazing how much she looks like her??? I immediately went to Google to find a similar image to compare their faces and was just blown away. I love 80's Madonna!

The Rule of Thumb...

Today the movie Gods smiled upon as delivered the much awaited sequel to Boondock Saints.

If you missed out on this 1999 cult classic then change your Netflix queue immediately! I didn't catch onto the phenom until I came to college, 2 years after the fact, and just loved how bad ass it was. It's one of my favorite movies and I highly recommend you watch it.

BUT the best part is several years ago there was all this talk that a sequel would be made. And I'd keep reading stories about it was happening and then it wasn't happening and I basically gave up hope for ever seeing the 2nd installment come to fruition.

Today though I was pleasantly surprised to find one of my favorite pop culture blogs mention the arrival of the trailer.

So watch or re-watch Boondock Saints and then get excited for October 30th- All Saints Day!

PS Norman Reedus and Sean Patrick Flanery are easy on the eyes, and have cool Irish accents so ladies....enjoy!

1st of Month Apple Picks

Alright we're starting something new around here for the first of the month (can you believe it's September already?).

As you all know I love movies and usually at the beginning of each month I start thinking about movies I want to get out and see before they've been talked about to death or start leaving the good theaters. So I'm going pick one movie that I think looks really interesting and I predict it to do well at the box office and one movie that I think will tank in the ratings and/or just looks totally ridiculous. Then hopefully I'll make it out to see my pick and we'll see if I was right or wrong.

This is merely my opinion so don't put all your apples in my basket, but I'm a pretty good judge. But I encourage to hear your what your picks will be too!

The "Shiny Apple" will be the hit the "Rotten Apple" will be the flop.

September's Shiny Apple pick- Coco Before Chanel, which is a limited release on the 21st of September, but if you've got a good independent theatre in your area you should get it a few weeks later. "The story of Coco who started life as an orphan who would become an iconic symbol of fashion and style."

But, for a true opening of a movie-Fame! The remake to the classic 70's hit actually looks pretty good.

September's Rotten Apple pick- There were a LOT of crappy movies coming out this month so the pickings for a good one were pretty slim, but there were bad ones to spare. My pick- Love Happens. Jennifer Aniston and Aaron Ekhart....typical crappy romance comedy. She swears off men, but then meets the man of dreams. Oh my goodness I have to go see this movie to see how it ends! Oh the anticipation!