Bad Apple...

This little apple is way behind on her blogging! It's already Monday and I said we'd talk about Thursday's must see tv line up on Friday and I totally forgot!

I was crazy busy at work on Friday and the weekend was spent entertaining my bf's wonderful mommy so here we are on Monday with the thoughts, which seems a bit silly now since it seems like it happened forever ago, but I'll keep it short.

Parks and Recreation was actually funny. Last season I was disappointed to see how similar it was to The Office and I was ready to call it a wash, but since I was so excited for NBC's line up I decided to give it another chance. I'm glad I did. I loved the whole gay bar thing and learning more of the lyrics to Parents Just Don't Understand. It seemed to distant itself from the creators original show and I hope the rest of the season continues to get better.

The Office. Loved it! I laughed, I "awwwed" at Pam and Jim, and cringed over Michael's lack of social interaction skills. Can't wait for more.

Community. It was good. The best scenes were when Abed recited my favorite monologue from The Breakfast Club and his line, "can you guys hear me? Am I deaf?" I'm interested to see where the show goes and if it can stick around.

On another TV note, it being Monday the 21st...How I Met Your Mother premiered tonight and it was legendary! It wasn't the funniest episode I ever saw, but laughs were had, and plot lines were set up and I couldn't be more excited to have a new show to watch on Mondays, because lets face it, who's really watching the 4th season of Heroes??? A 2 hour premier? I don't see it making it after this year. (physic powers don't fail me now!)

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