1st of Month Apple Picks

Alright we're starting something new around here for the first of the month (can you believe it's September already?).

As you all know I love movies and usually at the beginning of each month I start thinking about movies I want to get out and see before they've been talked about to death or start leaving the good theaters. So I'm going pick one movie that I think looks really interesting and I predict it to do well at the box office and one movie that I think will tank in the ratings and/or just looks totally ridiculous. Then hopefully I'll make it out to see my pick and we'll see if I was right or wrong.

This is merely my opinion so don't put all your apples in my basket, but I'm a pretty good judge. But I encourage to hear your what your picks will be too!

The "Shiny Apple" will be the hit the "Rotten Apple" will be the flop.

September's Shiny Apple pick- Coco Before Chanel, which is a limited release on the 21st of September, but if you've got a good independent theatre in your area you should get it a few weeks later. "The story of Coco who started life as an orphan who would become an iconic symbol of fashion and style."

But, for a true opening of a movie-Fame! The remake to the classic 70's hit actually looks pretty good.

September's Rotten Apple pick- There were a LOT of crappy movies coming out this month so the pickings for a good one were pretty slim, but there were bad ones to spare. My pick- Love Happens. Jennifer Aniston and Aaron Ekhart....typical crappy romance comedy. She swears off men, but then meets the man of dreams. Oh my goodness I have to go see this movie to see how it ends! Oh the anticipation!

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