Non Traditional

I have fallen in love with this look for a wedding dress....
This skirt is a custom made from yards of bridal tulle, and can be found at bonzie's etsy store. Isn't it gorgeous? The minute I saw it I fell in love.

I love non traditional wedding dress like this big skirt paired with that great fitted white jacket. I'm just over the strapless wedding dress. Maybe it's because my own mother was married in a simple pink suit. That's right a pink suit (she still has it too) and sadly being a good 6" taller than my mother there's no way I could ever fit into it. Or maybe as a wedding photographer I spend a lot of time at weddings and on other wedding photographers websites that I see a lot dresses, and am always drawn to the unusual ones.

I mean think of the statement you'd make in these lovely gowns....


I had to add Carries suit because I loved that she ended up in her "label-less dress" when she tied the knot to Mr. Big!

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