Calvin & Hobbes

Yesterday I found out that a documentary about Bill Watterson, the creator of the hilarious comic Calvin & Hobbes, is in the works.

Already I'm super pumped about this because: A. the movie poster is super cute and 2. I love Calvin and Hobbes!

I first learned of this mischievous duo from my older cousin. He loved Calvin Hobbs so much that he has a tattoo of them on his leg and as a little kid I thought that was the coolest thing. He gave my brother a copy of "Calvin and Hobbes Lazy Sunday Book" and I remember sneaking into his room to steal the book to read it too. Over the years our collection of Calvin & Hobbes books grew and I still find myself wondering into my brothers old room to have a laugh or two. I remember the Sunday his last strip was printed, I cut it out and saved it. I still have it too.

Check out their website and watch the trailer. If you really want to show your support they have all sorts of ways for you to get connected to this project.

My favorite ones were always of the snowmen...hehehe

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