I'm gonna rouge my knees and roll my stockings down...

I have been seeing a lot of this particular trend in the fashion magazines right now and I think I like it. No, not going around half naked....wearing knee highs with cute heels or boots. The ones in this picture are a little bit taller than the ones I've been seeing, but you get the idea.

Can't you imagine them paired with a cute fall skirt or dress to keep you warm? So cute!

The old saying of clothes come back in style if you wait long enough is definitely true for this trend, because I remember as a little kid wearing corduroy jumpers and knee high white wool socks. I would kill for an outfit like that now! haha

I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to wear the trend...but I'm going to find that just right occasion to buy a pair and wear them out!

Have a great weekend!

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