A New Look

Last week I read a few rumors that Nickelodeon was getting a new logo. No longer will the "splat" of my youth be their trademark. View their future:
I mean it's orange, and modern looking I suppose but I mean it doesn't really say fun. I may be waxing a bit too philosophical here, but when I see the splat it reminds me of the gak from Double Dare and Family Double dare, the slime from You Can't Do that on Television and Wild and Crazy Kids, the splash from the waters on fun competition games like Guts and Legends of the Hidden Temple. The splat represents kids, fun, and messiness. This new logo says to me robots, boring and bad grammar.

I guess what can you expect when awesome shows like Roundhouse, Are you Afraid of the Dark, All That, Doug, Alex Mack, Shelby Woo, Hey Dude!, Salute Your Shorts, Doug, and Welcome Freshman are distant memories to current employees of Nickelodeon?

I really hope I jogged some good memories of your childhood with this post and for even more...enjoy!

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