A New Lease on my Blog

Hello! Sorry for my prolonged absence. But this Yellow Apple was in the Big Apple for a few days! Upon returning home the tasks of unpacking, laundry, and recovering from walking everywhere caused me to stay away longer than necessary. Please forgive!

New York was fabulous! It's been 2 years since my last trip and my how things have changed! Times Square has begun to block traffic to allow more room for us tourists and have added a ton of places to sit for people watching, resting or a table to enjoy a slice of pizza. Which let me just say watching a random guy doing pull-ups on public scaffolding while eating a slice of cheese pizza is very entertaining! Other fun highlights of our trip included shopping, exploring new parts of the city and saw 2 amazing Broadway shows-In the Heights and Next to Normal. We were lucky enough to catch some of the stars from Next to Normal after their performance including Alice Ripley...the Tony Award Winner!!!! She was super sweet in real life and we were the last 2 people she signed programs for and we got to chat her up a little bit too.

In other news...this past Sunday I saw Julie and Julia. This movie was super cute and funny and very inspiring to me in many ways. Not much of a cook myself this movie made me want to get into my kitchen more and experiment. My new cooking mantra: "Never Apologize."

It also got me thinking about my blog more. Amy Adams' character Julie starts a blog about cooking her way through Juila Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking cookbook and blogs about the experience. And as new blogger I could really relate to a lot of the things she was going through. Being nervous about starting something like this, wondering if anyone is reading it, the joy of your first comment...which I'm sad to say I haven't gotten any yet that aren't from someone I know...But I'm not going to let that stop me. It made me realize that no matter if I've had a bad day at work or I have too much going on or tired, that I need to keep going. I love the Internet, and reading other blogs, and I have fun doing mine so I just need to make the time for something I love.

My new goal for this blog: Blog More!

Simple, yes I know, but sometimes great things, just like Juile's blog, start from simple beginnings. So I hope to come up with some themed posts about movies, TV shows, and celebrities and all sorts of other fun and random things in between.

Please keep reading...all 2 of you I know...and I'll work on making this blog the best I can and maybe even adding a reader or two more!

xo Sarah

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