Friday Flick Picks

Foreign, comedy, classic. I feel like there's a funny joke with those 3 words but I just can't put my finger on it...(please reply with your best attempts). Audrey Hepburn aside, because nothing compares to her Oscar winning masterpiece, I wasn't wowed by either movie this week. Rust and Bone left too many plot questions unanswered, and main characters didn't feel fully developed. This is 40 was just depressing to me. Moments of comedy seemed too far between all the Debbie downer moments between Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann's characters. New movies are over rated, stick with the classics apples! 

Have a wonderful weekend, Hoppy Easter, and enjoy some sunshine! 

Just try and turn it off...

Sometimes I like to have the TV on for company. You know, sometimes you're cleaning, cooking, surfing the internet, and you want a little background noise. And you want some thing on that's a little more exciting than the weather channel. So perhaps you scroll through your TV listings and stumble across a comfort film.

The definition of a comfort film: a movie that you don't necessarily like but when you start to watch it you can't turn it off until the credits roll. 

I have almost a dozen movies that are like that for me. I would argue that a few of them are actually good movies, (Shawshank, A Few Good Men, or You've Got Mail) but they're different than my die hard favorite movies. They're movies that I may own on DVD, but I get super excited when I see them on TV and then want to watch them until the end. 

I created this list on a great website called Letterboxd; a website for the film fanatic. A site that allows you to track all the movies you're watching. You can rate, review, log the date watched, share your lists with friends, and follow others to see what they're watching. Not only can you keep up with movies you've watched recently, but you can make fun lists like this one!

Chime in if any of my comfort movies are the same as yours! (and if you say you don't watch Overboard when it comes on TV I will call you a liar!) 

3 Month Mark

Before Christmas I made a brave decision to chop my long hair to pixie shortness. Needless to say it was quite a shock. Messy buns, beach waves, and braids are things I miss dearly. You never know a good thing until it's gone. 
I will say having short hair is fun, sometimes. Getting ready is a breeze, headbands look cuter, and it's easy to change your look up. And even though I'm glad I cut my hair, it's a one time thing. I'm in for the long haul of growing it out. I am happy with the 3 month progress I've made; I can even grab the end of my hair into the tiniest ponytail. 
I will say the sadness of having long hair for the summer gets me down, and I've been considering extensions.  I'd be happy to hear any stories if any of you have tried them! 

Keeping Warm

sweater: BB Dakota, jeans: A&F, boots: Unisa, necklace: Stella and Dot
Bundled up in sweaters and boots is not the way I imagined my end of March outfits to look. Sigh. I mean don't I technically live in the South?! There's snow on the ground for goodness sake. Nevertheless, my Southwesterly print is keeping my spirits up while making me feel cozy. One day this skin will know warmth!

Spring Break Get Away

Now that Spring has officially begun you're probably daydreaming about getting away. To warm beaches, bustling cities, or private hideaways. Anywhere but where you are; am I right? Perhaps you're like me, and looking for a get away on the cheap to tide you over until the hot summer months. And if you're going to jet set for a bargain, why not pack your bag on a budget too? Everything you'll need for under $50!

1. pullover
2. denim jacket
3. shorts
4. sandals
5. kindle (ok, your one splurge, but under $70)
6. sunglasses
7. button up
8. tote
9. hat
10. bathing suit
11. tshirt

Brass Table on the Brain

So I've become obsessed with finding this little brass accent table at Target. It's from their new Spring home line by Threshold. I've seen the line advertised in several magazines, Pinterest, and talked about with much anticipation on a handful of blogs. I had read that much of the new items would be released this past weekend. So I waited for the appropriate hour Sunday morning (when I really wanted to go out at 6am) to venture out to Target to find my table. And NO LUCK! I went to 2 Targets, asked an associate for help, searched online, and even called customer service. And nothing. I am totally bummed out that it is no where to be found. For now. 

This is a warning to the brass table. I will find you. Even if means calling Target every day. So if anyone has insider information on the release of this product I would really appreciate it. 

UPDATE: Thanks to help from another blogger, Modern Eve, we found out from Target's PR department that the product has been delayed, but should be out next week! 

Outfitting: Black and Yellow

blouse: pleione (Nordstrom brand), skirt: bar III (Macy's brand), boots: anthropologie
The weather around here is having difficulty making up its mind. One day, sunny and 60, the next, gloomy and 40. How is a fashionista who loves Spring supposed to get her outfitting on? I'll manage somehow, and in the meantime keep my winter jacket out for another few weeks.

Fate's Gentle Push

As you can tell there is a theme to my movie watching this week: Pariee. The Eiffel tower, cobblestone streets, the historic architecture...I'm in love and I've never even stepped been. How I long to get swept up in their culture. I had a customer tell me this week, who was planning to a trip to Europe in a few weeks, that I needed to go. That now is the time. I feel like it's fate pushing me in the direction to go.

What about you little apples, what has fate been telling you to do lately?

Ferris Bueller Style

It's no secret that I have much love for the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off. I watched it on an outdoor screen this past summer, you know like one of those blow up screens, but tonight I am seeing it at my favorite movie house: The Kentucky Theatre. Besides totally in love with the Ferris Bueller persona, there's no arguing his fab sense of style either. If you wanna rock the FBDO look you're going to need three key items. The perfect motorcycle jacket; the more tones the better. A classic white tee; to compliment your vast vest collection. And if you're going to spend the day roaming the streets of Chicago than you need a sturdy pair of oxfords.

I am so pumped to be seeing this tonight, if you're in the Lexington area the show starts at 7:15pm!

links: tshirt, jacket, shoes

Happy Weekend

No movies for me this week, and that makes me super sad face. But gosh darn it if I don't get out to see Die Hard 5 (don't hate, I'm a Willis fan for life!) this weekend I will never forgive myself! There aren't any movies coming out this month that I have any interest in seeing, so I'm looking to Netflix or HBO to entertain me this month. Any recommendations are welcome. I'm also debating about outright buying this movie because I can't stop thinking about it. Always a little kid at heart.

I hope everyone has wonderful plans for the weekend; and I hope Spring-y weather is in your forecast!

Toms Love

I have to be honest I've never worn a pair of Toms before, or tried a pair on for that matter. I see everyone wearing them, especially in the warmer months, and every time I think, "oh those look so cute and comfy I should get some." And then never do. I think the company's manifesto is beautiful, and I love that people like Blake Mycoskie had a big enough heart to start a company like this. I received their Spring catalog yesterday, and I think I've found the perfect pair, or two, to start my Toms collection with. Are you guys wearing Toms, if so, what kinds do you love?

Guest Post on Effortless Anthropologie

Hey apples, check out the guest post I wrote for Effortless Anthropologie while Roxy is on vacation. If you're a lover of Anthropologie clothing, but not the price tags, you will love the awesome look-alike steals I found.

A Home for Plants

Ever since I planted my terrarium, and became engrossed in this book, I am all about plants right now. My little succulents are doing fine but now I'm thinking where else can I add some green to my home. With spring right around the corner I feel like it's the perfect time to freshen up my spaces with some greenery. Not much for the typical terracotta pots I'm trying to branch out and find some interesting vessels for my plants to call home. I'm thinking galvanized buckets, glass jars, wooden crates, and various baskets would all make lovely substitutions. What about you guys, where do your plants live?

Having Stuff

When does wanting stuff become too consuming? When does wanting too much stuff become a problem? Why do I want so much stuff? 

These are some questions I've been mulling over lately. Part of this questioning comes from a movie I watched last week: The Queen of Versailles. It was about an extremely wealthy family, Jackie and David Siegel, who owned the largest time share resorts: Westgate Resorts. They were on top of the world, had scads of money and when the economy crashed, they lost almost everything. It was so disgusting to watch this family flaunt and talk about their wealth like it was nothing when they had it, and when they lost it, have no real concept of living beyond their means. They weren't homeless after the economy crashed, but they were having major money issues. It bothered me that the wife continued to spend lavish amounts of money on things they couldn't afford. This family had multiples of every material thing you could want in life, but they still they bought more and complained that they didn't have everything. 

It got me thinking about myself, and the way I continually yearn to buy something. I feel like it gets harder and harder to walk away from things I want to buy. Whether it be a pillow for my sofa or blouse in my closet. I wonder if  things like Pinterest, frequent visits to my favorite store Anthropologie, or working at a furniture store factor into my consuming nature. I feel like I'm a (real) adult now; and should be making real strides to eliminating my debt, set up a Roth or IRA, save for a house, and basically not freak out when my bank account starts to get low. These are the important things to want in life, not a new pair of heels, right? 

Does anyone else feel this way? How do you guys stop yourself from wanting more?