Brass Table on the Brain

So I've become obsessed with finding this little brass accent table at Target. It's from their new Spring home line by Threshold. I've seen the line advertised in several magazines, Pinterest, and talked about with much anticipation on a handful of blogs. I had read that much of the new items would be released this past weekend. So I waited for the appropriate hour Sunday morning (when I really wanted to go out at 6am) to venture out to Target to find my table. And NO LUCK! I went to 2 Targets, asked an associate for help, searched online, and even called customer service. And nothing. I am totally bummed out that it is no where to be found. For now. 

This is a warning to the brass table. I will find you. Even if means calling Target every day. So if anyone has insider information on the release of this product I would really appreciate it. 

UPDATE: Thanks to help from another blogger, Modern Eve, we found out from Target's PR department that the product has been delayed, but should be out next week! 

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