Just try and turn it off...

Sometimes I like to have the TV on for company. You know, sometimes you're cleaning, cooking, surfing the internet, and you want a little background noise. And you want some thing on that's a little more exciting than the weather channel. So perhaps you scroll through your TV listings and stumble across a comfort film.

The definition of a comfort film: a movie that you don't necessarily like but when you start to watch it you can't turn it off until the credits roll. 

I have almost a dozen movies that are like that for me. I would argue that a few of them are actually good movies, (Shawshank, A Few Good Men, or You've Got Mail) but they're different than my die hard favorite movies. They're movies that I may own on DVD, but I get super excited when I see them on TV and then want to watch them until the end. 

I created this list on a great website called Letterboxd; a website for the film fanatic. A site that allows you to track all the movies you're watching. You can rate, review, log the date watched, share your lists with friends, and follow others to see what they're watching. Not only can you keep up with movies you've watched recently, but you can make fun lists like this one!

Chime in if any of my comfort movies are the same as yours! (and if you say you don't watch Overboard when it comes on TV I will call you a liar!) 

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