Weekend plans

The weekend is almost upon us...those of us still sitting behind a desk know that the end is near! Well while you're looking for something to do to make that last half hour fly by you're probably thinking about what you'll do this weekend.

With cold weather swirling around us you'll want an indoor, heated activity for sure and what fits the bill? A movie! With the Oscars almost upon us and nominations announced next week we have to be ready to score high on our ballot predictions.

So to get you in the know you should be checking out one or more of these flicks this weekend. My top pick, Crazy Heart. I think Jeff Bridges is a shoo-in to win the Oscar for best actor in this role and he does not disappoint. Great music, a touching romance and Colin Farrel pulls off a great southern accent? You've got to see it.

Nine. You know how excited I was months ago when the trailer came out and it took me until last weekend to finally get out and see it in the theatres. It's been getting a bad rap lately and I went in with mixed feelings, but came out pleasantly surprised. The women are all outstanding, except the story line could have done without Kate Hudson, and the singing is amazing, but I think this movie could have been just as great if it wasn't a musical. The story is there, but the musical numbers take you out of the story too much at times, but overall a enjoyable spectacle to take in this weekend.

(PS this picture of all these ladies is fab! Diva alert!)

Other suggestions you might like: The Blind Side, Sandra Bullock is phenomenal. The Princess and the Frog, if you're a Disney lover than you have to see this one, their best non Pixar movie Disney has put out since Ratatouille.

Skip it: Up in the Air. Big disappointment! The acting is great, but the story not so much.

So grab your scarf and mittens and run from your car into the theatre and enjoy some movie magic with me. My pick for the weekend, A Single Man. The trailer doesn't tell you much, but directed by Tom Ford? You know it's going to look good. See you on Monday!

Stay warm!

I am looking out my window and see snow on the ground and cold air blowing through the trees. I could sure use one or two of these to wrap my chilly hands around...
source: gelchy, via flickr
source: pninaN, via flickr

and a comfy spot in front of one of these to keep my toes warm...
source:mmdesign, via flickr

source: xjavierxs
Bundle up if you must venture outside today!

Bird and Banner

Yesterday while I was browsing at my favorite store, Anthropologie, I spied the cutest Valentines. Wanting to know where they came from I flipped it over immediately to see if they had a website. What joy, they did! The moment I got back to my computer I typed in http://www.birdandbanner.com/ and the stationary lover in me was squealing with delight!

Erin and Nicole, the two graphic designers founded this business in 2006, located in Philadelphia. They make the most darling, unique wedding invitations, save the dates, birth announcements and any other occasion you'd want to mail an invite for.

I mean who wouldn't want to attend a wedding that had an invitation like this!?

This is from their French Flea Market collection. They hand print your invitation on vintage handkerchiefs and post cards. Umm excuse me, I need these right now.

And wouldn't you make time to come to a baby shower if you unwrapped this little beauty from your blah pile of bills and coupons from the mailbox?

Yes, that's right it's a baby shower invitation shaped and folded like a cloth diaper!

And then of course you have to have your rehearsal dinner that would need an elegant, simply stated "please show up to the church at this time and then go here for dinner" invite but with just a touch of charm, so you'd buy these...

So you're drooling and squealing like I was and wondering what next event you can use bird and banner invitations for. So go to their website, have a browse and start planning.

No wedding or baby shower in your future? Don't despair (I'm in the same boat sister!) check out their etsy site and get some of their any occasion vintage handkerchief cards, they are adorable!

PS You're welcome.

Work it!

I have a love/hate relationship with the show Glee. When I first saw premieres for this show I thought; fabulous, it's combining my love of show tunes and Broadway singing and stars Lea Michelle. Because I can proudly say that I have seen Miss. Michelle in the Broadway sensation Spring Awakening. I also feel that I know her by association because 2 of my closest friends met, talked, and had pictures with her at a theatre education program a few years ago in New York City so in a way we're friends. (just let me dream okay!)

But as time went on and I watched more and more episodes, I started to feel like this show wasn't all that great. Let's be honest, the writing is just bad, the story lines are a bit far fetched. I mean soap operas have a better fake pregnancy story lines than this show and the only thing that kept me watching was the singing talent. I will admit the last 2 episodes before their winter break showed promise. They cleared up all the fake pregnancies and secret crushes and they look to be on the right track. With all the awards they've been getting lately I hope it gives them the push they need.

And speaking of winning awards....Lea Michelle has been making a killing on the red carpet. She is looking fierce! Check her out from this Saturday's SAG awards, which Glee won for best ensemble in a comedy. She is gorgeous! Someone please hook me up with whomever did her make up, she is glowing!

Add some boogie to your Friday

We have finally made it to Friday, hooray! I don't know about you, but this week and last week have seemed so long. I don't know if it's from lack of warmth and sunshine or I've just had a lot going on everyday. Either way I'm ready for the weekend.

If you watched 30 Rock last night I think Tina Fey's character Liz summed up January perfectly, "I hate January, it's dark, it's freezing and everyone is wearing bulky coats. You can do some serious subway flirting before you realize the guy is homeless."

So to perk us up, help me celebrate Linda Blair's 51st birthday today by watching her do what she does best: Roller Boogie-ing (I think I just made up a word). I hope it puts some sparkle and bounce into your day. I know I'll be singing Love Fire all day!

Judges who can judge!

American Idol has one less viewer this season; and that person is me. It has nothing to do with Paula leaving or Ellen as the new judge, I just can't stand the show. It's too drawn out, poor quality of singers and most of the winners can't get beyond a 3 month success record.

What I can't stand more than Idol is the multiple week audition period they have leading up to Hollywood week. But this Wednesday and next Idol will win me back temporarily because Neil Patrick Harris and Kristen Chenoweth will be guest judges!!!

I have such respect for strong Broadway singers and even though NPH isn't as well known as Kristen in the vocal area, he has a beautiful singing voice and has graced the great white way on more than one occasion. These two will make great judges because they know what it's like to go on an audition and sit in front of someone who holds the key to their future. They have that "harsh theatre" mind set to give constructive criticism and aren't afraid to tell someone they need some work. Besides these two have the cutest faces and personalities that will make horrible singing bearable for 2 hours.

Tune in this Wednesday at 8pm for Kristen and next Wednesday the 27th at 9m for Neil.

Cute cardi!

Nothing pulls my so-so outfits like a cute cardigan. I probably have 15 in my closet and I'm always on the look out for more to add to my collection.

This adorable little cardigan from New York & Co. can't be beat for under $20 bucks! With 5 bright color choices, rhinestone buttons and the cluster of flowers on the collar, it adds a bit of fun to your average solid colored cardigan.
I think this color choice, sweetly named "Yellow Bliss", will be mine before the week is out.
PS I don't think this picture is representing the color very well because a friend of mine actually owns this cardigan and it doesn't look as muted as this picture is making it out to be

Painting the roses red

Nobody had a bigger variety of nail polish colors than OPI; and if you're anything like me their cute names and themes have me changing nail colors once a week.

Today I stumbled upon their new Spring 2010 collection: "Alice in Wonderland." Very much excited about the Tim Burton's take on the Carroll/Disney classic this Summer, I shall show my support early by sporting one of the nails colors.

There's 4 in total. Off With Her Red, Thanks So Muchness!, Mad as a Hatter, and the color I'm picking for my next manicure: Absolutely Alice (a nod towards her sky blue pinafore no doubt).

Celebrate 100!

Girls vs. Suits

100th episode of How I Met Your Mother tonight, CBS, 8pm est, musical episode, lots of celebrity guest spots, WATCH IT, you won't be disappointed.

The picture and the episode title say it all. Want a sneak peak? :)

The red back says it all...

Shoes and Barbie they go hand in hand, no?

I saw today that the famous red backed shoe creator, Christian Louboutin, has created a special edition Barbie. A more mod looking Barbie comes decked out in a black cat suit with 4 trendy CL shoe choices; complete with sleeper bags and boxes.

You see his shoes on every celebrity and I always wonder how comfortable they really are. We have a few department stores in my city that carry his shoes and I am tempted to give a pair a try but the displays are always a size 6 (and my 8 1/2 foot would never fit) and I'm too chicken to let the sales people bring me a pair in my size for just a lap around their department, because sadly that's all I can afford!

His Barbie reminds me of something similar I own that I bought at Hallmark a few years ago. Something about small Barbie shoes made even smaller, with boxes, makes it even cuter.
Let your inner child/shoe lover splurge!

A bit of cheer

I look out my window and all I see is snow, snow, snow. Central Indian has gotten 6 inches of snow and the little white flakes are still falling. Even though it's white on the ground the skies are gray and drab and the roads are dirty and slushy. So to perk myself up I went in search of an image to cheer me up.

The final pick: a colorful image of hot air balloons. I am a sucker for a hot air balloon and you add in a vintage-y feel to the image AND Babar the elephant you've got an instant pick me up (pun intended). Stay warm!

What would you guess?

If you had to guess what size would you say this model is?

Let me give you a hint, she's considered a "plus sized model."

Six....eight....a ten?

When I first saw her I said an eight. A quick trip to Wikipedia set me straight and the answer had me shocked. A size twelve, can you believe it!? I certainly could not. The model's name is Crystal Renn and she's a 23 American model on the cover of Elle Canada's January issue.

The pictures from her spread remind me of Marylin Monroe. I still am amazed that Marylin, by our dress standard, was around a size 10 or 12 and people still think she's the sexiest woman to grace the silver screen. I wish more women in magazines looked like Crystal. It would give women and young girls of today a more attainable body imagine to model after.

A fresh start

Welcome 2010!

Please excuse my absences! I went home for the holidays and then took a week off to travel to Disney World with my family and to see one of my best friends get married. It was so nice to play in the sunshine while ringing in the New Year and to visit with Mickey and Minnie, but it's nice to be home even though it's only a whopping 18 degrees out!

I'm already looking forward to the new changes and plans I have in the works for '10. Hopefully you'll see more frequent and "new and improved" blogging around here too. :)

I'll share some Disney pictures soon, along with all the other total randomness my little brain feels compelled to share with you guys.