Judges who can judge!

American Idol has one less viewer this season; and that person is me. It has nothing to do with Paula leaving or Ellen as the new judge, I just can't stand the show. It's too drawn out, poor quality of singers and most of the winners can't get beyond a 3 month success record.

What I can't stand more than Idol is the multiple week audition period they have leading up to Hollywood week. But this Wednesday and next Idol will win me back temporarily because Neil Patrick Harris and Kristen Chenoweth will be guest judges!!!

I have such respect for strong Broadway singers and even though NPH isn't as well known as Kristen in the vocal area, he has a beautiful singing voice and has graced the great white way on more than one occasion. These two will make great judges because they know what it's like to go on an audition and sit in front of someone who holds the key to their future. They have that "harsh theatre" mind set to give constructive criticism and aren't afraid to tell someone they need some work. Besides these two have the cutest faces and personalities that will make horrible singing bearable for 2 hours.

Tune in this Wednesday at 8pm for Kristen and next Wednesday the 27th at 9m for Neil.

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  1. Hey, I just wanted to say I found you via BYW class and I ALMOST put DListed on my list as well. I mean, that's where I first saw that JWOWW of Jersey Shore is selling her "shirts". LOVE THAT BLOG!