The red back says it all...

Shoes and Barbie they go hand in hand, no?

I saw today that the famous red backed shoe creator, Christian Louboutin, has created a special edition Barbie. A more mod looking Barbie comes decked out in a black cat suit with 4 trendy CL shoe choices; complete with sleeper bags and boxes.

You see his shoes on every celebrity and I always wonder how comfortable they really are. We have a few department stores in my city that carry his shoes and I am tempted to give a pair a try but the displays are always a size 6 (and my 8 1/2 foot would never fit) and I'm too chicken to let the sales people bring me a pair in my size for just a lap around their department, because sadly that's all I can afford!

His Barbie reminds me of something similar I own that I bought at Hallmark a few years ago. Something about small Barbie shoes made even smaller, with boxes, makes it even cuter.
Let your inner child/shoe lover splurge!

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