Weekend plans

The weekend is almost upon us...those of us still sitting behind a desk know that the end is near! Well while you're looking for something to do to make that last half hour fly by you're probably thinking about what you'll do this weekend.

With cold weather swirling around us you'll want an indoor, heated activity for sure and what fits the bill? A movie! With the Oscars almost upon us and nominations announced next week we have to be ready to score high on our ballot predictions.

So to get you in the know you should be checking out one or more of these flicks this weekend. My top pick, Crazy Heart. I think Jeff Bridges is a shoo-in to win the Oscar for best actor in this role and he does not disappoint. Great music, a touching romance and Colin Farrel pulls off a great southern accent? You've got to see it.

Nine. You know how excited I was months ago when the trailer came out and it took me until last weekend to finally get out and see it in the theatres. It's been getting a bad rap lately and I went in with mixed feelings, but came out pleasantly surprised. The women are all outstanding, except the story line could have done without Kate Hudson, and the singing is amazing, but I think this movie could have been just as great if it wasn't a musical. The story is there, but the musical numbers take you out of the story too much at times, but overall a enjoyable spectacle to take in this weekend.

(PS this picture of all these ladies is fab! Diva alert!)

Other suggestions you might like: The Blind Side, Sandra Bullock is phenomenal. The Princess and the Frog, if you're a Disney lover than you have to see this one, their best non Pixar movie Disney has put out since Ratatouille.

Skip it: Up in the Air. Big disappointment! The acting is great, but the story not so much.

So grab your scarf and mittens and run from your car into the theatre and enjoy some movie magic with me. My pick for the weekend, A Single Man. The trailer doesn't tell you much, but directed by Tom Ford? You know it's going to look good. See you on Monday!

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