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I have a love/hate relationship with the show Glee. When I first saw premieres for this show I thought; fabulous, it's combining my love of show tunes and Broadway singing and stars Lea Michelle. Because I can proudly say that I have seen Miss. Michelle in the Broadway sensation Spring Awakening. I also feel that I know her by association because 2 of my closest friends met, talked, and had pictures with her at a theatre education program a few years ago in New York City so in a way we're friends. (just let me dream okay!)

But as time went on and I watched more and more episodes, I started to feel like this show wasn't all that great. Let's be honest, the writing is just bad, the story lines are a bit far fetched. I mean soap operas have a better fake pregnancy story lines than this show and the only thing that kept me watching was the singing talent. I will admit the last 2 episodes before their winter break showed promise. They cleared up all the fake pregnancies and secret crushes and they look to be on the right track. With all the awards they've been getting lately I hope it gives them the push they need.

And speaking of winning awards....Lea Michelle has been making a killing on the red carpet. She is looking fierce! Check her out from this Saturday's SAG awards, which Glee won for best ensemble in a comedy. She is gorgeous! Someone please hook me up with whomever did her make up, she is glowing!

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