Friday Flick Picks

Movies twice in one week! The inner movie geek in me can hardly stand it. So in the true time frame of normal LYA movie reporting I saw these two movies within the last 7 days. The long holiday weekend was practically begging for a movie marathon. I saw Skyfall and Life of Pi. Both were wonderfully entertaining in their own way but I have to say Skyfall is my pick this week. Pi is full of beautiful imagery. Ang Lee's movies drip in gorgeous cinematography, but to me, the story lacked true heart. I've read the book, and what makes the book so wonderful is the readers surprise to  the big "reveal." In the movie it was spelled out too literal. It seemed so anti climatic. Skyfall, was so much fun. Daniel Craig really kills it as Bond. He gives the character so much depth, and it is so entertaining to watch. And who plays a better sinister bad guy than Javier Bardem? So creepy and dark, his soft voice makes him the perfect alter ego of Bond. Clever and action packed you will not regret seeing Skyfall.

On my movie radar: Lincoln, Killing Them Softly, Flight

Christmas, Officially

My Dad asked me the other day when did I officially feel like it was Christmas. And while decorating the tree, and listening to Christmas music gives me a healthy dose of holiday cheer, for me, it's watching Charlie Brown Christmas. Every year it gives me the same childlike happiness. I know every "good grief" and every line to Linus' heartfelt meaning of Christmas speech and still I watch intently like I don't know how it all ends. So thank goodness it came on early in the season so I can feel like Christmas has started, officially.

P.S. I'm also a total sucker for tradition, so you know I had to watch this youtube clip immediately after watching the original

Party Time

The prettiest, most colorful, sparkle party dress I've ever seen. Love everything about this image.

Early, Flick Picks

With a post turkey hangover I totally spaced on sharing my Friday flick picks with you guys last week. And, I was so excited to have seen multiple new movies that I had to break the rules a little and share them today. So before Friday (I saw a few over the weekend that I'll share at the end of this week too) I saw HBO's Game Change, rented Friends with Kids, and went to the theatres to see Wreck it Ralph. I have to say my favorite of these three was Game Change. Julianne Moore totally deserved her Emmy for this role. She was spot on Sarah Palin. It was so painful to see the "behind the scenes" breakdown of her train wreck of a campaign. Entertaining from start to finish, I seriously think about re-watching it even though I'm no fan of their politics, it was that good. Wreck it Ralph was of course cute and silly, maybe not the best Disney movie I ever saw, but for die hard fans you should give it a watch. Friends with Kids was all right for a Saturday night, but nothing to right home about. I love Jennifer Westfeldt, the director and writer, but I'd say give it a pass unless you're a fan of hers too.

Thanks for accepting my movie post so early in the week. I'll try to balance it out with some fashion and Christmas the rest of this week. Let the countdown to the big day officially begin!

Happy Thanksgiving

To all my little apples out there, Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you your day is filled with family, friends, and lots of good eating!

Holiday Paper Cuts

Being the die hard Anthro fan that I am, you all know I couldn't pass up the opportunity to visit the flagship location of Anthropologie in Philadelphia last week! Located at the corner of Walnut and 18th street the store is in a beautiful 4 story mansion. Beautiful staircases, architecture, and dome ceiling bring a certain old world charm to the store now located inside its walls. I also got a peek at the theme for their holiday windows: beautiful white and blue paper cut silhouettes of wintery wood scenes. Deer, foxes, owls, and strings of Christmas lights work their way into windows of mannequins dressed for a winter wonderland. The picture above is an instagram I snapped inside the Philly store showing off their take on the paper cut holiday magic. Below are images from an album on Anthropologie's facebook page. Make sure you get out and view these intricate works of art in person if you're near an Anthro!

Kris Nations

While shopping in one of the biggest malls this past week I stumbled across the sweetest jewelry designer: Kris Nations. There have been so many variations of state love merchandise, but the simplicity and delicate design of these state necklaces are really original. In gold or silver, you can show your state pride on a necklace or bracelet. Their other pieces of jewelry are a really great mix of sophisticated and bohemian style too. Check out their online shop to explore the rest of their collection. I know I wouldn't mind showing a little love for my home state of KY.

(clockwise) angel fire friendship cuff, chevron cuff, socorro tube bracelet 

Friday Flick Picks

Bond. James Bond. It was a 007 week for me; preparing myself for the newest installment of Bond movies: Skyfall. Up until last Friday night I had never seen any of James Bond movies staring Daniel Craig. I started with Casino Royale and was so caught up in Bond fever I went to the video rental store (yes, you read that right, not a Redbox, but a rental store. There is still one that exists around here) to search out Quantum Solace to watch the next night. Growing up I knew two Bonds: Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan. To me, both of them had the suave, debonair way about them. Drinking their martinis and pulling a gun out of their tuxedos. But Daniel Craig is so much more...what's the word...bad-ass about it all. He is rugged, egocentric, provoked, and can run like hell. I love the new twist he brings to this time honored character. He's interesting to watch, can act the hell out of the part, and looks pretty darn good in his wardrobe too. 

I'm off to Philadelphia for work starting today, so I'm not sure how soon I'll get to see Skyfall. But I was able to squeeze a movie in on my last work trip,  maybe I'll get lucky again. I'm sorry to be away for so much of this week, and now this coming week, but I'll get back in  my normal blogging ways soon. The holidays are coming, so there will be much to talk about. 

On my movie radar: Skyfall, and Wreck it Ralph

Iphone Outfit

bear, ferris
mosaic, cheveron
fox, camera
My iphone needs a new outfit. I can almost feel it's disgust every time it leaves the house in the same smoked grey case! And to top it off, there's a crack starting to form on the back and the case practically shows it off rather than hide it. These are some of my favorites from Society 6. The best place I've found that has an amazing variety of cases for all versions of the iphone. Now the hard part is deciding which one to get! 

Friday Flick Picks

Go see this movie! I'm sorry, I had to get that out there first. Wonderfully suspenseful, intense, funny, great screen writing, and impeccably directed! Golden Globes and Oscars buzz will be around this movie. I've tried to not like Ben Affleck but I'll be darned, I am totally in his corner. He has some serious talent when it comes to writing (which he didn't do for this particular movie) and directing. Go see this movie, you'll learn something, you'll laugh, you'll love it, and then you'll wanna go home and watch The Town like I wanted to because you need more Ben in your life.

Next on my movie radar: Wreck it Ralph, and Seven Psychopaths