Friday Flick Picks

Movies twice in one week! The inner movie geek in me can hardly stand it. So in the true time frame of normal LYA movie reporting I saw these two movies within the last 7 days. The long holiday weekend was practically begging for a movie marathon. I saw Skyfall and Life of Pi. Both were wonderfully entertaining in their own way but I have to say Skyfall is my pick this week. Pi is full of beautiful imagery. Ang Lee's movies drip in gorgeous cinematography, but to me, the story lacked true heart. I've read the book, and what makes the book so wonderful is the readers surprise to  the big "reveal." In the movie it was spelled out too literal. It seemed so anti climatic. Skyfall, was so much fun. Daniel Craig really kills it as Bond. He gives the character so much depth, and it is so entertaining to watch. And who plays a better sinister bad guy than Javier Bardem? So creepy and dark, his soft voice makes him the perfect alter ego of Bond. Clever and action packed you will not regret seeing Skyfall.

On my movie radar: Lincoln, Killing Them Softly, Flight

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