Early, Flick Picks

With a post turkey hangover I totally spaced on sharing my Friday flick picks with you guys last week. And, I was so excited to have seen multiple new movies that I had to break the rules a little and share them today. So before Friday (I saw a few over the weekend that I'll share at the end of this week too) I saw HBO's Game Change, rented Friends with Kids, and went to the theatres to see Wreck it Ralph. I have to say my favorite of these three was Game Change. Julianne Moore totally deserved her Emmy for this role. She was spot on Sarah Palin. It was so painful to see the "behind the scenes" breakdown of her train wreck of a campaign. Entertaining from start to finish, I seriously think about re-watching it even though I'm no fan of their politics, it was that good. Wreck it Ralph was of course cute and silly, maybe not the best Disney movie I ever saw, but for die hard fans you should give it a watch. Friends with Kids was all right for a Saturday night, but nothing to right home about. I love Jennifer Westfeldt, the director and writer, but I'd say give it a pass unless you're a fan of hers too.

Thanks for accepting my movie post so early in the week. I'll try to balance it out with some fashion and Christmas the rest of this week. Let the countdown to the big day officially begin!

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  1. I really do want to see Game Change. I want to read the book first though. Thanks for the review!!