Friday Flick Picks

Bond. James Bond. It was a 007 week for me; preparing myself for the newest installment of Bond movies: Skyfall. Up until last Friday night I had never seen any of James Bond movies staring Daniel Craig. I started with Casino Royale and was so caught up in Bond fever I went to the video rental store (yes, you read that right, not a Redbox, but a rental store. There is still one that exists around here) to search out Quantum Solace to watch the next night. Growing up I knew two Bonds: Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan. To me, both of them had the suave, debonair way about them. Drinking their martinis and pulling a gun out of their tuxedos. But Daniel Craig is so much more...what's the word...bad-ass about it all. He is rugged, egocentric, provoked, and can run like hell. I love the new twist he brings to this time honored character. He's interesting to watch, can act the hell out of the part, and looks pretty darn good in his wardrobe too. 

I'm off to Philadelphia for work starting today, so I'm not sure how soon I'll get to see Skyfall. But I was able to squeeze a movie in on my last work trip,  maybe I'll get lucky again. I'm sorry to be away for so much of this week, and now this coming week, but I'll get back in  my normal blogging ways soon. The holidays are coming, so there will be much to talk about. 

On my movie radar: Skyfall, and Wreck it Ralph

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  1. I am actually seeing Skyfall tonight after work!! Daniel Craig is my favorite Bond.