November Anthro

It's here! It's here! The catalog I wait for all year - the November Anthropologie issue. The theme for the whole book is titled "Fantastique: A realm of wonders unforeseen, a month designed in dreams." I am loving the first part of the catalog that is centered around a vintage circus theme. Several of the pictures are focused on playing with the scale of objects. Equally swoon worthy is the section with more of the non-apparel items such as shoes, bags, home products, bedding, and Christmas ornaments with animals. I seriously want the image of the fox framed and hung on my wall. Mister Mailman can not bring this book to me in person soon enough!

You can check out all 89 pages here!

You take the good, you take the bad

If you are in need of something besides dressing up in a Halloween costume tonight I have the perfect solution for you: the 2010 premiere of What Not to Wear airs tonight! Not only am I happy to have the sassiest duo back on my TV airing new episodes, but their first episode back has them helping child actress Mindy Cohn ditch her frumpy wardrobe.

Oh I'm sorry you probably know her better as Natalie from The Facts of Life. The wildly popular 80's sitcom centered on a plot line of 4 private school girls living with a housemother in Peekskill New York. Dramz all the time! :)

Last year, if you remember, they made over Mayim Bialik for their 2009 premiere. It was so great to see someone I loved as a kid as just a regular person now with a terrible fashion sense. (I mean if you consider someone who wore hats with flowers the size of Texas on them and is now a neuroscientist regular...) Man, this is going to be a good Friday night.

Tune in with me at 9pm EST on the TLC channel and we'll learn the facts of fashion together!

Toil and Trouble diorama

Today I want to share with you this great little project for Halloween. It's quick and easy and adds a little something extra to all those pumpkins you have sitting around that you haven't gotten around to carving.

This idea started out with this one sheet of paper dolls from Making Memories Halloween line called Toil and Trouble. The sweet little faces of the boy and girl trick-or-treaters were too cute not to show off with the rest of my decorations so the wheels in my head were a-turnin'. I got the idea to make a little diorama for them and the perfect perch for their night of fun? One of my pumpkins from the patch of course! Scroll down for the directions; this seriously took me all of 15 minutes to put together.

Start with Making Memories, Toil and Trouble cut out paper doll speciality paper. (You can get it here for less than a dollar). Pop out the dolls and all their outfits and accessories...careful of the tabs!

Next, clip small pieces of floral wire to attach to the back of the dolls. These will act as the support system for the dolls. I used a small piece of scotch tape to secure them. Leave about an inch and half of the wire sticking out of the bottom.

Them simply position the spot you want your mischievous bandit and push the wire into the flesh of the pumpkin until it looks like her feet are on the pumpkin. Do the same for her partner in crime.

Next is the hardest part - picking what to wear! Decisions, decisions...

Pirate and pumpkin maid.? Or...

Frog prince and witch?

As you can see I had to add some spooky touches to make the Halloween scene really come alive. They are adhesive die-cuts from Martha Stewart's Holidays collection. And I attached them the same way the dolls were - with a small piece of wire attached to the back and pierced into the pumpkin.

The finished product: a cute little Halloween scene you can sit anywhere and you can switch up the look as much as you want. Happy trick or treating....

Crazy about capes

Suddenly I am crazy about capes for Fall! Usually when I hear the word 'cape' I think of Sherlock Holmes, Dracula or Julia Sugarbaker, but after seeing these out on my Internet window shopping today, I am sold. I mean look how chic these would look with your skinny jeans and boots. Add some fingerless gloves and you are set! Peacoats, trenches, down jackets, out. Capes, in, so who's joining me on the band wagon?

everything-in-place cape @ anthro

poppins cape @ shopruche

craftsmanship caplet @ anthro

Happy weekend!

I am so looking forward to the weekend! A trip to the pumpkin patch, perhaps a double feature at the movies of Buried and Never Let Me Go, buying a new cell phone, getting to some fun craft projects I've been putting off, sleeping in and hanging out with my honey are all in my future. I hope your weekend is a great one too! We'll talk soon! xo Sarah

Horror Nights

In my eyes the season of Autumn starts the 1st day of September and ends the last day of November (no need to bother with the silly solstice calendar). And while Thanksgiving is a great Fall holiday too I always feel like I'm gearing up for Christmas by then, so Halloween is like the ultimate Fall focused holiday for me. So with only 11 days to until All Hallows Eve I want to share the amazing way I kicked off the holiday season early a few weeks ago.

While vacationing in Florida my honey and I were lucky enough to spend the evening with some friends experiencing Universal Studio's Halloween Horror Nights. The whole park turns into one big scare fest! The streets are kept very dark and around every corner is spooky fog, far off screams, chain saws starting, and people in scary masks running after you. It sounds like it would be terrifying, and believe me I was really scared when the night began, but I haven't had this much fun in a long time. You start to laugh at yourself after awhile for getting scared so often and you start to wonder what you'll see next.

And when you're not being chased away by half bloodied zombies or clowns you're inside some of the best haunted houses! There were 8 in all, set up throughout the property, all with very different themes. Catacombs full of skulls and half dead bodies, a ghost hunters type house, an orphanage (which small adults dressed as children really freaked me out!), the depths of Hades, and the dead soldiers of war were all more scream filled than the last.

I highly recommend if you have the chance to visit Hollywood or Orlando during the month of October go spend the evening at the Horror Nights. This is one Haunted House virgin that is going back for more!

This tiny collage of our fun doesn't even begin to capture how amazing everything really was but just look at those happy faces.

Spooky Nails

If you're looking for an easy way to get into the Halloween spirit you can start with your nails; compliments of OPI. They has come out with a new mini-pack for the holiday called Go Goth and I can't wait to see all 4 colors on my nails. I absolutely love the OPI minis, they're best value for your money and I'm definitely picking them up this week. The colors are 'unripened' a sparkly teal/green, 'nevermind' a sparkly purple, 'sanguine' a dark blood red and obscurity a matte black. Any of them would be a great compliment to a sexy scary Halloween costume or your newly found Fall wardrobe. So dazzle up those nails ladies while I work on more fun Halloween fun ideas and pictures to share!

Mini vacation

Tomorrow morning I leave for a mini vacation to West Palm Beach Florida! Even though I've embraced Fall I'm looking forward to 85 degree weather, palm trees and a trip to Universal Studios! Don't worry my trusty laptop is making the trip with me so I can blog while relaxing. We'll talk soon!

Hello Fall

Here in Indiana the mornings have started to get cooler, the nights crisper and the afternoons have a sunny half warmth half chill about them and it's making me smile. The other day I was digging my Fall themed outfit, the light was great and my apartment's pool had ceremoniously closed for the season; it seemed only fitting I have a little photo shoot pool side to celebrate. So here's to layers, boots, plaid, jackets and scarfs.

This post may be the start of a new outfit photo sharing habit so I hope you enjoy.

(H&M tunic top, A&F jeggings (don't judge me please! hehe), Anthropologie belt and Payless shoes)