Horror Nights

In my eyes the season of Autumn starts the 1st day of September and ends the last day of November (no need to bother with the silly solstice calendar). And while Thanksgiving is a great Fall holiday too I always feel like I'm gearing up for Christmas by then, so Halloween is like the ultimate Fall focused holiday for me. So with only 11 days to until All Hallows Eve I want to share the amazing way I kicked off the holiday season early a few weeks ago.

While vacationing in Florida my honey and I were lucky enough to spend the evening with some friends experiencing Universal Studio's Halloween Horror Nights. The whole park turns into one big scare fest! The streets are kept very dark and around every corner is spooky fog, far off screams, chain saws starting, and people in scary masks running after you. It sounds like it would be terrifying, and believe me I was really scared when the night began, but I haven't had this much fun in a long time. You start to laugh at yourself after awhile for getting scared so often and you start to wonder what you'll see next.

And when you're not being chased away by half bloodied zombies or clowns you're inside some of the best haunted houses! There were 8 in all, set up throughout the property, all with very different themes. Catacombs full of skulls and half dead bodies, a ghost hunters type house, an orphanage (which small adults dressed as children really freaked me out!), the depths of Hades, and the dead soldiers of war were all more scream filled than the last.

I highly recommend if you have the chance to visit Hollywood or Orlando during the month of October go spend the evening at the Horror Nights. This is one Haunted House virgin that is going back for more!

This tiny collage of our fun doesn't even begin to capture how amazing everything really was but just look at those happy faces.

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