You take the good, you take the bad

If you are in need of something besides dressing up in a Halloween costume tonight I have the perfect solution for you: the 2010 premiere of What Not to Wear airs tonight! Not only am I happy to have the sassiest duo back on my TV airing new episodes, but their first episode back has them helping child actress Mindy Cohn ditch her frumpy wardrobe.

Oh I'm sorry you probably know her better as Natalie from The Facts of Life. The wildly popular 80's sitcom centered on a plot line of 4 private school girls living with a housemother in Peekskill New York. Dramz all the time! :)

Last year, if you remember, they made over Mayim Bialik for their 2009 premiere. It was so great to see someone I loved as a kid as just a regular person now with a terrible fashion sense. (I mean if you consider someone who wore hats with flowers the size of Texas on them and is now a neuroscientist regular...) Man, this is going to be a good Friday night.

Tune in with me at 9pm EST on the TLC channel and we'll learn the facts of fashion together!

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