Woodsy Wedding

During my last weekend in Indianapolis, I was a guest at my friend Sheena's wedding. You may remember the invitations I shared with you here, and I have to say the wedding was just as darling as her invites.  The wedding was held at Wasatch Lake in Poland, Indiana. Beautiful, cozy cabins tucked into an Indiana landscape provided the background for their beautiful day. There were so many hand-crafted details everywhere you looked:  ribbons tied together at the altar, wreaths that added humor and softness to the many taxidermy heads that lined the main cabin, and all the great little details she put into the table centerpieces. Congratulations Sheena and Ezra; and thank you so much for inviting me to your beautiful wedding. I can't wait to see how our photo booth pictures turn out!

(first image from their super-talented photographer: Chloe Jennings)

Outfit Snapshots

I don't always have the resources to document my outfits while I'm wearing them, so I thought photographing them myself would be the next best thing. I love the preppy mix of oxfords with nautical stripes and brass buttons. Perfect for looking cute while running errands as the temperature rises.

(top & shoes: forever21, skirt: anthropologie)

Friday Flick Picks

Flick Picks are back in action! Even amongst unpacking and getting settled at home, I still found some time to watch some movies. This week, I was lucky enough to see one of these movies in a theatre-The Grapes of Wrath. At The Kentucky Theatre in Lexington, they show classic old movies, every Wednesday, on film. This past Wednesday was its opening weekend and I was shocked to see how packed it was. They have a really good list of films playing this summer and I can't wait to see more of my favorite old movies on the big screen. And of course on the complete opposite end of the spectrum, I watched Fight Club this week too. Even though I love me some Brad Pitt, my pick for the week is Grapes of Wrath. I didn't like it so much as soon as it was over but now that I've thought about it throughout the week, it's grown on me. Jane Darwell, who plays the mother, is amazing in this movie and you can clearly see why she won the Academy Award in 1940 for this role. Refresh your high school memory of this novel turned movie and give it a watch.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend my little apples and I'll see you back here on Monday! xo

Dominican Republic Vacation

Right about now, a week ago, I was sitting by the pool, reading a book, and enjoying the hot temperatures of the Dominican.  My recovering burned skin is glad to be out of the sun but I am missing those lazy days when everything is "vacation time" and my belly was full of fresh fruit at every meal. I wanted to share some pictures from our trip. The resort we stayed at in Punta Cana called 'Secrets' was really amazing. If you're looking into a trip to the DR, I would definitely recommend this place. Enjoy!

This was our basic view where we would eat breakfast and lunch everyday
The main building of our resort at night
One of the swim up bars at the pool
View of the lazy river pool from our balcony
After getting sun burned during the first two days we camped out under these great huts by the pool
My pedicured toes enjoying the sun
Myself, my boyfriend, and his mom all went parasailing, and it was SO much fun.

We could have stayed up in the air for hours.

Clear blue ocean
Our resort also had professional photographers on hand if you wanted photos on the beach. I'm so glad we signed up. Our photographer Amy was super fun and she got some really good photos.

I got to play swimsuit model on the beach too!

Hipstamatic: Kentucky Theatre

Last night I saw The Grapes of Wrath at Lexington's Kentucky Theatre

7 Happy Things

7 Things is back. Enjoy everyone!

Links (clockwise): Amy Atlas cake, JCrew shirt, Making it Lovely print, Rifle Paper Co.

A Darling Dress

When I saw An Education two years ago, not only did I fall in love with Carey Mulligan, I fell in love with the dress she's wearing in this picture. It reminded me of my favorite Monet painting, and the cut and style were right up my alley. I could never find it online after the movie came out, or anything similar, and that always bummed me out. So imagine my delight when I found a this amazing substitution for it on ModCloth today! It's from their newly featured London line called Darling. Darling's vintage inspired clothes full of frills, prints, and embellishments have me wanting many of their pieces. Check out the entire line here while I try to justify buying this dress!

Etymologie: It's all in the meaning

Have you heard the news?  Anthropologie has a tumblr website! Brand spanking new, hot off the presses; today is its premiere day. It's name is etymologie. From what I can tell it takes its namesake from the word etymology: the derivative of a word. It looks like they take suggestions for words such as 'roam' or 'roots' and ask you to decide what the word really represents. What thoughts and images does it conjure in your mind? It looks very interesting and in very typical Anthro style. Always inquisitive as to what you think, feel, and see. I definitely will be frequenting this site for Anthro-esqe inspiration.

I'll have to, right? Because I am now officially living in a city with no Anthropologie. That's right; this little apple is now in Lexington, Kentucky! My skin is nice and tan from vacation and my muscles are sore from all the moving, but it feels wonderful to be home. I'll post some pictures from my trip just as soon as I can find my camera cord amongst the mess. It just feels so good to be back here with you guys.

(images: anthro etymologie)

Picture an Outfit

Chocolate Icing

You know I had to schedule an outfit post for you guys!

dress, hat, shoes


All right, this little yellow apple will be caught up in a whirlwind of family, friends, graduation, and last minute vacation packing tomorrow so I’ll have to sign off for longer than our usual weekend break. I’m afraid the wi-fi in the Dominican might be quite pricey so I’m not sure when I can get on here to say hi to you all. But I’ll try to post when I can. I’ll miss you guys (and the internet!) until Friday. Be good and have a great week!

Friday Flick Picks: Modified

Hello my little yellow flicksters; how are you on this Friday? So sorry for no picks last week but my love of pinning on Pinterest took over my regular Friday posting; and I hadn’t seen a movie all week so I wasn’t even sure what to say! You’ve noticed that my posters for this week aren’t of movies either. That’s because my movie time has been taken up watching these two shows on DVD. Sex and the City makes wonderful background entertainment as I’ve been packing up our apartment. I could watch Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda shop and talk about men over and over again.
The Shield on the other hand is a new show for me to watch. My boyfriend watched it religiously when it was on TV and got in a kick one night to watch it again so I gave it try. And I have to say I’m really into this show. Michael Chiklis really makes the show for me. His character is one you go between loving and hating in the span of one episode. I’ll give up the TV kick soon and make time for movies again. That is unless someone else has a good show they want to recommend me...

Purple Haze

With hot temperatures in Indianapolis yesterday (we almost made it to 90 degrees!), it felt like Summer is just around the corner. Our apartment's pool even had a few people brave enough to get in for a swim. With graduation and vacation quickly approaching, I knew a pedicure was in order. It was also the perfect setting to spend some quality time with one of my closest Indy friends. I love how our two shades of purple turned out!

Big News!

Big changes are happening in my life and they'll be happening very, very soon!  This Saturday will mark the day that my boyfriend is officially done with law school. After, what seems like, 3 very long years he will handed over a Juris Doctor degree Saturday afternoon. I couldn't be prouder of him. He's worked long and hard to get here and I can't wait to see him celebrate his big moment this weekend with both of our families. And with his graduation comes a brand new start for us; in Lexington, Kentucky. Yes, this girl and guy are headed back to our home state in the South! We are so excited to scout out a new place to live, start new jobs, and reconnect with family and friends we moved away from 3 years ago.

It will be sad to leave behind all the wonderful friends we've made here though, too. It breaks my heart to be leaving my job at Anthropologie, and all the talented and stylish friends I work and laugh with on a daily basis. I forsee many trips back up here to visit and shop with them. In the meantime, these next few days will be spent soaking up what I love about this city the most and making memories until my next trip here.

The other piece of news is a post-graduation get away. My boyfriend and I will be going away with his mom and her friend to the Dominican Republic for 6 days. A week of hot sun and laying by the pool sounds like pure heaven to me right now. So two kinds of packing are on my To-Do list this week:  pack up an apartment, and pack a suitcase of swimsuits and sun dresses. Not a bad trade off if you ask me.

This is going to be a great week. I hope your weeks are off to happy starts as well! xo

images: 1, 2

Pretty Pins

Being the Southern girl I am, I had to do a post about my home state's big event this Saturday:  The Kentucky Derby. To get into the spirit of the races, I've been finding images to pin to Pinterest to share with you all. If you love the combination of preppy and Southern style, then watching the Derby tomorrow is the perfect place for you. Bow ties, floral dresses, and fabulous hats are the order of the day!

Decor with BHLDN

BHLDN's wedding decor line launched today and it has me wanting to throw an outdoor dinner party just so I have an excuse to buy their stuff! The thought, attention to detail, and uniqueness, Anthro is known for really shows in their decor line. From tabletop items, lighting, stationary, decorations, and keepsakes, you can find so many special touches to add to your reception or party. These are some of my favorite pieces from the line. Check out BHLDN's site for more ideas and inspiration.

P.S. So excited to see Ann Wood's signature cake topper birds in their shop too. They are so adorable!

7 Happy Things

links: Anthro catalog, shoes

May Fourth

"As you grow older, you will discover you have two hands, one for helping yourself, one for helping others." --Audrey Hepburn

Picture an Outfit

Polished Gold

dress, shoes, (any pair of black tights will do!)