Etymologie: It's all in the meaning

Have you heard the news?  Anthropologie has a tumblr website! Brand spanking new, hot off the presses; today is its premiere day. It's name is etymologie. From what I can tell it takes its namesake from the word etymology: the derivative of a word. It looks like they take suggestions for words such as 'roam' or 'roots' and ask you to decide what the word really represents. What thoughts and images does it conjure in your mind? It looks very interesting and in very typical Anthro style. Always inquisitive as to what you think, feel, and see. I definitely will be frequenting this site for Anthro-esqe inspiration.

I'll have to, right? Because I am now officially living in a city with no Anthropologie. That's right; this little apple is now in Lexington, Kentucky! My skin is nice and tan from vacation and my muscles are sore from all the moving, but it feels wonderful to be home. I'll post some pictures from my trip just as soon as I can find my camera cord amongst the mess. It just feels so good to be back here with you guys.

(images: anthro etymologie)

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