Friday Flick Picks: Modified

Hello my little yellow flicksters; how are you on this Friday? So sorry for no picks last week but my love of pinning on Pinterest took over my regular Friday posting; and I hadn’t seen a movie all week so I wasn’t even sure what to say! You’ve noticed that my posters for this week aren’t of movies either. That’s because my movie time has been taken up watching these two shows on DVD. Sex and the City makes wonderful background entertainment as I’ve been packing up our apartment. I could watch Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda shop and talk about men over and over again.
The Shield on the other hand is a new show for me to watch. My boyfriend watched it religiously when it was on TV and got in a kick one night to watch it again so I gave it try. And I have to say I’m really into this show. Michael Chiklis really makes the show for me. His character is one you go between loving and hating in the span of one episode. I’ll give up the TV kick soon and make time for movies again. That is unless someone else has a good show they want to recommend me...

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