Anthropologie Comes to Louisville

Last week I finally got to visit Kentucky's VERY FIRST Anthropologie! Located at the Oxmoor Center in Louisville, it celebrated it's grand opening on the 21st. I can't believe I made it five whole days before getting through it's doors, and it felt like coming home. If you temporarily forgot what state you were in when you walked into this store, you would know right away that you were in horse country. From window displays, to decor, Louisville's Anthro continuously reminds it's customers we have a love of all things equestrian in this state.

Size wise, it has a good amount of space. Unlike the Cincinnati store (which is where I've usually shopped since moving back to Lexington) it has a more open feel versus their narrow store format. Single story, and no shoe section, but have two bedroom looks set up as well as two table/kitchen looks to shop from as well. Full of great antique and one of a kind furniture pieces make their store feel special and thought out.

With only 5 days under their belt things looked well stocked, clean, and organized. They were well staffed and everyone was eager and excited to be in the store. I spotted some newer pieces from online already on their racks, and it was nice to see their sale section had a good little assortment for people to shop as well. I can't wait to shop and explore this store as time goes on, and especially see how they turn their horse themed decor towards the holidays. It feels so good to finally have my favorite store in Kentucky, and it makes waiting for the Lexington store to open easier to bear!

Friday Flick Picks

In my hiatus there was some movie watching taking place. Two great sleeper hits (pun intended) that were funny, entertaining, and that I would seriously recommend you check out. Bernie was like a combination of Waiting for Guffman and I Love You Phillip Morris. Unusually funny, interesting characters, and surprisingly great performances from Jack Black and Matthew McConaughey. If you like an off beat movie you will really enjoy this movie. Find it at Redbox. 

With a strong love towards This American Life I couldn't help but to support their first produced film Sleepwalk With Me! Mike Birbiglia, a regular contributor to TAL, elaborated on a story he once shared about his sleepwalking disorder. A deadpan comedy that any public radio fan could appreciate. Expanded to over 100 theatres now, so if Lex has it, more than likely your city will too. 

I'm super pumped about a ton of movies that are set to hit the theatres within the next couple weeks. Right now Looper and The Master are at the top of the list and I can't deny that I would love to see Nemo 3-D as well. Happy weekend everyone! 

Fall Lust

boots, blazer, shorts
So I've come into a Visa gift card and it is burning a hole in my pocket. I am being tempted by the following items and I can't decide what's more practical for fall. Do I go with the suede wedge boots that would go with everything? Or the, on sale, polka dot blazer that would spice up all the solids in my wardrobe and give me that ultra prep look I love? Or finally buy myself some heavy weight shorts and pair it with all my tights and boots?! I mean can't we live in a world where I can have all three and I don't have to make such decisions? Only time will tell which one becomes the one I can't live without. Don't worry I'll let you guys know how it all turns out.

I am Fit!

I am all about the accomplishments this week! Yesterday I crossed another item off my 30 for 30 list: doing Jillian Michael's workout 30 days in a row. Jillian has a workout DVD called The 30 Day Shred. You do 3 levels of workouts, each progressively harder, for 10 days in a row. In the beginning it was pretty easy, but around day 12 or 13 I started dreading workout time a little more. But I kept at it, even when I was at the hotel in PA, I kept doing the workouts. Sure, some days were tougher than others but I'm really proud of myself for sticking it through to the end. Am I totally ripped like Jillian? No, but I can definitely see results. My stomach is flatter, my arms are getting some definition, and I feel stronger.

The best part of accomplishing this one is I feel really motivated to set up a post-Jillian work out to keep the momentum going. I'm giving the DVD a rest and hitting the gym instead to see if I can get that six pack I keep seeing on Pinterest. (you guys know the ones I'm talking about, talk about motivation!)

Hello Everyone!

Hello! Is the perfect salutation to everyone here on little yellow apple after my two week absence. I was gone for a week in Pennsylvania for work, and then the following week I had some bigger things that needed my attention. But I'm back, and ready to share all sorts of new things. Fall is in the air and that means boots and scarves weather, crafts involving pumpkins and leaves, and all sorts of good movie watching.

I'm also coming back this week with some items crossed off my 30 list. The first one I want to share was finding a reason to wear my sequin dress from Anthropologie. I put it on the list because when a dress is normally priced at $200 and goes on crazy sale for $20 you buy it immediately and figure out a place to wear it later. Two years later it was still hanging in my closet with no place to go. Putting it on the list was a sure way I knew it would get out of my closet and live a little. A fancy dinner at Holly Hill Inn in Midway was the perfect excuse to get all dressed up.

PS what do you think of my untied bowtie as a necklace? I'm making it happen this year!

Workin' Girl

Sorry to be MIA from the blog this week. My job has me in Pennsylvania this week, and long days of moving furniture around make for an exhausted apple. I'll be back next week with fun things to share! Have a  great week everyone! xo

image: evivart

Lipstick Color

I can cross off another item on the 30 before 30 list: finding the perfect shade of lipstick. I put this one on the list because as much as I love playing with makeup, and wearing it everyday, I would never wear anything on my lips. Every once in awhile I'd do some lip gloss, but for the most part chap stick was my go to. I would try on a shade here or there but never really fell in love with any particular shade or brand. And if I did wear it I would talk or wipe it off in about 30 minutes after application.

But the time had come to push myself out of my comfort zone and find a shade of lipstick. And, success I found one at the beauty mecca: Sephora. I really fell in love with Makeup For Ever's #10 Raspberry color. It's from their aqua color lip colors and it is gorgeous! It's super rich and pigmented; which I've put to the test and it lasted for several hours (bonus!). It applies matte on your lips and the other side of the applicator has a lip gloss to give your lips this super glossy shine. I love it! I even found a back up color I was that in the mood for great lip color. I know what you're thinking, that the lipstick is purple, but once applied to your lips it's the most beautiful purply-pink shade. It's Sephora's line of lipsticks called Rouge Shine. I was only going to try it on for fun because I thought it was going to make my lips super purple, but what a fun surprise to find out I really loved it. And I only would have found it out by taking my time and trying on a bunch of colors. And I do mean a bunch. My lips were sore by the end of it all from all the wiping and re-applying.

Kind of a silly milestone to cross off, but never the less, I'm glad I've found a shade I really love.

It's just around the corner...

Fall is coming, can you feel it? I went to Boyd's Orchard over the weekend, and while walking around all the fruitful apple trees I could see pumpkins growing! It made me think of crisp days, leaves changing, and Linus waiting in a pumpkin patch. I'm still enjoying the last weeks of hot weather and sandals but I'm ready for a change.