Friday Flick Picks

In my hiatus there was some movie watching taking place. Two great sleeper hits (pun intended) that were funny, entertaining, and that I would seriously recommend you check out. Bernie was like a combination of Waiting for Guffman and I Love You Phillip Morris. Unusually funny, interesting characters, and surprisingly great performances from Jack Black and Matthew McConaughey. If you like an off beat movie you will really enjoy this movie. Find it at Redbox. 

With a strong love towards This American Life I couldn't help but to support their first produced film Sleepwalk With Me! Mike Birbiglia, a regular contributor to TAL, elaborated on a story he once shared about his sleepwalking disorder. A deadpan comedy that any public radio fan could appreciate. Expanded to over 100 theatres now, so if Lex has it, more than likely your city will too. 

I'm super pumped about a ton of movies that are set to hit the theatres within the next couple weeks. Right now Looper and The Master are at the top of the list and I can't deny that I would love to see Nemo 3-D as well. Happy weekend everyone! 

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