Hello Everyone!

Hello! Is the perfect salutation to everyone here on little yellow apple after my two week absence. I was gone for a week in Pennsylvania for work, and then the following week I had some bigger things that needed my attention. But I'm back, and ready to share all sorts of new things. Fall is in the air and that means boots and scarves weather, crafts involving pumpkins and leaves, and all sorts of good movie watching.

I'm also coming back this week with some items crossed off my 30 list. The first one I want to share was finding a reason to wear my sequin dress from Anthropologie. I put it on the list because when a dress is normally priced at $200 and goes on crazy sale for $20 you buy it immediately and figure out a place to wear it later. Two years later it was still hanging in my closet with no place to go. Putting it on the list was a sure way I knew it would get out of my closet and live a little. A fancy dinner at Holly Hill Inn in Midway was the perfect excuse to get all dressed up.

PS what do you think of my untied bowtie as a necklace? I'm making it happen this year!

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