Lipstick Color

I can cross off another item on the 30 before 30 list: finding the perfect shade of lipstick. I put this one on the list because as much as I love playing with makeup, and wearing it everyday, I would never wear anything on my lips. Every once in awhile I'd do some lip gloss, but for the most part chap stick was my go to. I would try on a shade here or there but never really fell in love with any particular shade or brand. And if I did wear it I would talk or wipe it off in about 30 minutes after application.

But the time had come to push myself out of my comfort zone and find a shade of lipstick. And, success I found one at the beauty mecca: Sephora. I really fell in love with Makeup For Ever's #10 Raspberry color. It's from their aqua color lip colors and it is gorgeous! It's super rich and pigmented; which I've put to the test and it lasted for several hours (bonus!). It applies matte on your lips and the other side of the applicator has a lip gloss to give your lips this super glossy shine. I love it! I even found a back up color I was that in the mood for great lip color. I know what you're thinking, that the lipstick is purple, but once applied to your lips it's the most beautiful purply-pink shade. It's Sephora's line of lipsticks called Rouge Shine. I was only going to try it on for fun because I thought it was going to make my lips super purple, but what a fun surprise to find out I really loved it. And I only would have found it out by taking my time and trying on a bunch of colors. And I do mean a bunch. My lips were sore by the end of it all from all the wiping and re-applying.

Kind of a silly milestone to cross off, but never the less, I'm glad I've found a shade I really love.

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