30 Before 30

This past weekend I celebrated a birthday. I have 363 days to have a last fling with my late twenties before I can usher in the years of my early thirties. I think that gives me plenty of time to mark off some of the fun things I plan to accomplish before then.

1. Get another tattoo
2. Dye hair red
3. Be brave enough to try a funky haircut
4. Volunteer for a charity
5. Buy a car
6. Have 3-4 months of expenses saved up
7. To be able to have a hard conversation or argument with someone without crying (I'm a big softie what can I say?)
8. Make an origami paper crane
9. Find the perfect shade of lipstick, and wear it!
10. Pay off credit card or at least get balance below $500
11. Do Jillian Michael's workout for 30 days consecutively
12. Take styled pictures of where I live for blog
14. Find a reason to wear my sequin dress from Anthropologie
15. Make a 3 course meal
16. Add new pages to my blog
17. Rent or own a shallow depth of field lens for camera and use it effectively
18. Make a cinemagraph
19. Own professional makeup brushes, and know how to use them
20. Get in a better beauty routine with my hair...not just letting it be naturally stick straight everyday
21. Own dishes I love to eat off of
22. Read a classic novel like Pride and Prejudice
23. Have at least 75 followers to Little Yellow Apple
24. Make some sort of progress towards learning French
25. Travel to a fabulous place like New York City, Los Angeles, Europe, or Disney World (or have plans to travel to one of these places)
26. Meet a celebrity (a girl can dream right?)
27. Go ballroom dancing
28. Watch all of Audrey Hepburn's movies since Roman Holiday (I only have 11 left to see)
29. Choose a handful of Pinterest challenges to replicate or try out and blog about the results
30. Have the best 30th birthday party!

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