Television Fashion

I am a bit of a TV fanatic. Series, sitcoms, reality TV; I've been known to watch them all. The only thing that gets me excited about summer coming to an end is knowing new Fall shows will be starting. So it's no surprise that I take some of my fashion cues from my favorite television characters. Here's whose closets I'd like to be raiding.

Blair Waldorf-Gossip Girl. Blair is girlie, preppy, and her flair for the theatrics lead her outfits a little costumey at times too (which I love). Blair drips Upper East Side chicness in every outfit she wears. Pattern mixing, fun tights, she never met a winter coat she didn't like, and I am green with envy that she can pull off so many hats. She inspires me to get out of my jeans routine and embrace my girlie side with skirts and dresses, no matter what the temperature. Blair, take me under you wing as a minion in training and let me raid your closet!

Jess-New Girl. The bangs, the eyelashes, the voice...I have a total girl crush on Zooey Deschanel. I love Jess' sense of style on this show. Her clothes really speak to her personality: she's not afraid to be exactly who she is and to have fun with life, and her clothes. Bright pops of color, a shoe collection full of flats, fun pattern mixing, and Jess can never wear too many polka dots! Jess and I could totally be roomies, just as long as I can borrow her clothes.

Emma Pillsbury-Glee. "A brooch for every outfit, a chain for every cardigan," is the motto I'd like to think Emma follows when she dresses herself every morning. Longer hem lines and higher collars keep Emma's girly looks more conservative than Blair or Jess, but no less coveted. Even though the she typically keeps to the same shape and silhouette of her outfits she's not afraid to color block or go head to toe monochromatic. I love everything about her Kate Spade-Anthropologie mix of bright colors, vintage prints, florals, and fun shoes. If I were a student of McKinley High School I would totally be looking towards Ms. Pillsbury as my fashion mentor.

Whose closet would you raid?

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