Friday Flick Picks

Can you guess what movie I saw this week? Yes, finally, Lexington got The Artist and I promptly made plans to see it opening night. I have to say I loved it. I loved it for how beautiful it was, how it was something new, and how incredibly adorable the dog (named Uggie) is in this movie. The plot dragged a little bit for me, but when you don't have monologues or dialogue to keep a movie changing and moving I'm not sure I can really complain about that. For what they working with, a movie with no sound, it's absolutely amazing. About 10 minutes in you don't even realize that you aren't  hearing any voices, or sound effects. You become completely engrossed in watching the actor's faces and actions. It's fascinating. But the real treat of this movie is Uggie the dog. He steals every scene, and he'll make you wish your dog could play dead as adorable as Uggie can. This movie's Oscar nominations will definitely give The Descendants a run for it's money.

And to be fair to the other movies I watched this week I also saw Shame and Contagion. Contagion was surprisingly good, but you won't want to touch anything for at least a few hours. And Shame...let's just say it really lives up to it's NC-17 rating. This is NOT a movie for first dates, girls night out, or to see with your parents. Even though I felt uncomfortable afterwards, I think that's what the movie wanted you to feel; it's very powerful in that way. I'd say give both of these movie a watch too if your eyes can handle it!

Have a great weekend!

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