Four Eyes Better Than Two

blouse and skirt: Forever 21, shoes: Payless Shoes, glasses: Spec Club

Call me a little bit nerdy...a little bit hipster...but I love my new glasses. The one gift I was desperately asking Santa for at Christmas was a new pair of glasses and the big man came through! Normally I'd choose my contacts over glasses any day of the week but I find myself turning to my specs as my new favorite accessory. Really anything can put a spring in my step due to 60 degree days in January. Notice how I'm going sans tights and coats? This time last year I was digging my car out of a couple feet of snow and ice. How I love the South!


  1. I love your skirt! Is it currently at Forever21 or was it from a while ago? I have a thing for tea-length skirts, buttons, pockets, & polka dots ^.^ Your shoes are cute as well.

    -Caleisha @

    1. Caleisha, It's somewhat recent. Maybe early December. Not sure if they would still have it. I know they run through their merchandise pretty quickly. Thanks! :)