Heirloom Cookie Jar

Most daughters wait for the day when their mothers pass down the family pearls or wedding dress to them. For me, it was a cookie jar. Growing up, we never kept this little owl cookie jar out; my mother believed her Tupperware kept our cookies fresher. My mom used it to hold her collection of cookie cutters. Every Christmas this cookie jar would make its way out of the dark corners of her cupboards to help us with the baking. There was something about his peculiar winking face that I found interesting.

Flash forward to a few months ago when my favorite store sent out an email about their vintage inspired cookie jars. I couldn't believe the sweet face of my childhood relic was being sold at Anthropologie. It made me realize I needed him back in my life. For once I was grateful that my mother never threw anything away. She was happy to rescue him out of her cabinets and into my kitchen where it could be loved and appreciated.

In keeping with traditions, I keep my collection of cookie cutters in him too. He's absolutely perfect; now all he needs is a name. Any suggestions?

(PS I am so sorry for the empty content of this blog post earlier!)

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