Anthropologie Comes to Louisville

Last week I finally got to visit Kentucky's VERY FIRST Anthropologie! Located at the Oxmoor Center in Louisville, it celebrated it's grand opening on the 21st. I can't believe I made it five whole days before getting through it's doors, and it felt like coming home. If you temporarily forgot what state you were in when you walked into this store, you would know right away that you were in horse country. From window displays, to decor, Louisville's Anthro continuously reminds it's customers we have a love of all things equestrian in this state.

Size wise, it has a good amount of space. Unlike the Cincinnati store (which is where I've usually shopped since moving back to Lexington) it has a more open feel versus their narrow store format. Single story, and no shoe section, but have two bedroom looks set up as well as two table/kitchen looks to shop from as well. Full of great antique and one of a kind furniture pieces make their store feel special and thought out.

With only 5 days under their belt things looked well stocked, clean, and organized. They were well staffed and everyone was eager and excited to be in the store. I spotted some newer pieces from online already on their racks, and it was nice to see their sale section had a good little assortment for people to shop as well. I can't wait to shop and explore this store as time goes on, and especially see how they turn their horse themed decor towards the holidays. It feels so good to finally have my favorite store in Kentucky, and it makes waiting for the Lexington store to open easier to bear!

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