I am Fit!

I am all about the accomplishments this week! Yesterday I crossed another item off my 30 for 30 list: doing Jillian Michael's workout 30 days in a row. Jillian has a workout DVD called The 30 Day Shred. You do 3 levels of workouts, each progressively harder, for 10 days in a row. In the beginning it was pretty easy, but around day 12 or 13 I started dreading workout time a little more. But I kept at it, even when I was at the hotel in PA, I kept doing the workouts. Sure, some days were tougher than others but I'm really proud of myself for sticking it through to the end. Am I totally ripped like Jillian? No, but I can definitely see results. My stomach is flatter, my arms are getting some definition, and I feel stronger.

The best part of accomplishing this one is I feel really motivated to set up a post-Jillian work out to keep the momentum going. I'm giving the DVD a rest and hitting the gym instead to see if I can get that six pack I keep seeing on Pinterest. (you guys know the ones I'm talking about, talk about motivation!)

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