Woodland Wedding Invites

One of my super cute, super talented co-workers and friends is getting married this summer. Sheena is the talented artist and worker behind our stores' display and window creations season after season. So it was no surprise when I opened her wedding invitation and something impeccably designed was inside. Sheena brainstormed up how and what she wanted their invites to look like and her equally talented artist and hubby-to-be Ezra drew them up. The main part of their invitation was printed on a piece of 5x7 fabric and lends itself perfectly for framing:  a great way to create a keepsake for their family members or for Ezra and Sheena to remember their special day. The rest of the inserts continue to beautifully carry on with the woodland theme of their wedding. I'm so happy she let me share her creative work with all of you. I can't wait for May, you guys!


  1. This is lovely invitation. No one could resist not to come to the party. I enjoy receiving lovely, personal made, creative invitation, as I believe invitation is the key of the meaningful event that we host.