Toil and Trouble diorama

Today I want to share with you this great little project for Halloween. It's quick and easy and adds a little something extra to all those pumpkins you have sitting around that you haven't gotten around to carving.

This idea started out with this one sheet of paper dolls from Making Memories Halloween line called Toil and Trouble. The sweet little faces of the boy and girl trick-or-treaters were too cute not to show off with the rest of my decorations so the wheels in my head were a-turnin'. I got the idea to make a little diorama for them and the perfect perch for their night of fun? One of my pumpkins from the patch of course! Scroll down for the directions; this seriously took me all of 15 minutes to put together.

Start with Making Memories, Toil and Trouble cut out paper doll speciality paper. (You can get it here for less than a dollar). Pop out the dolls and all their outfits and accessories...careful of the tabs!

Next, clip small pieces of floral wire to attach to the back of the dolls. These will act as the support system for the dolls. I used a small piece of scotch tape to secure them. Leave about an inch and half of the wire sticking out of the bottom.

Them simply position the spot you want your mischievous bandit and push the wire into the flesh of the pumpkin until it looks like her feet are on the pumpkin. Do the same for her partner in crime.

Next is the hardest part - picking what to wear! Decisions, decisions...

Pirate and pumpkin maid.? Or...

Frog prince and witch?

As you can see I had to add some spooky touches to make the Halloween scene really come alive. They are adhesive die-cuts from Martha Stewart's Holidays collection. And I attached them the same way the dolls were - with a small piece of wire attached to the back and pierced into the pumpkin.

The finished product: a cute little Halloween scene you can sit anywhere and you can switch up the look as much as you want. Happy trick or treating....

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