Funny Valentine

I have to share these adorable Valentines.

My Dad's older sister is my favorite Aunt. She's the one that turned me on to collecting vintage things. Being inside her house it's like taking a step into the past. Vintage knitting needles, pie birds, records, dolls, pill boxes, purses, jewelery....the list goes on and on of the collection of things she has inside of her house.

As lovers of the ways of the past we like to mail each other letters between each other instead of email and over the weekend I found the best things in my mailbox! I believe, in an effort to try to get rid of some of her excess vintage stuff she is constantly sending me little treasures and I love her even more for it!

She sent me these great little vintage Valentines and I can't wait to find a little double sided picture frames to display them, because sometimes the best part is on the back. Like with the postcards or the cute 2nd grade handwriting scrawled on the back. I am totally in love with the little kids in the airplane.
So get your scouring shoes on and find some vintage love notes to send to friends just in time for V-Day!

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