New beginnings


I have wonderful news to share. Tomorrow I start a new a new job at Anthropologie as a manager in training. For the past year and half I have been working at your average answer the phones, assist the boss, behind the desk kind of job and it has been slightly depressing. I've been struggling with the eternal question "what to do with the rest of my life." And I think this job is the answer. I started making a list of all the things I love and enjoy doing, and when things like shopping, being around people, helping people, antiques, styling and decorating and clothes from Anthropologie were the things I kept circling around I knew a job at their store was a good start.

This job is just the beginning and I can't wait for my first day tomorrow. Wish me luck!


  1. Congratulations!! Sounds great, I'm so excited for you :)

  2. hello sarah,
    a quick hello...hopefully the start in your new business was good...would be interesting to look behind the scences from great time and hopefully we see us in class again...cheers and big hug...ines

  3. Congratulations on your new job! I hope you've had a good start & will tell us more about it soon. Best wishes.

  4. OMG that is so awesome! Congrats! Anthropologie is one of my all time favorite stores, and I love how they decorate each store uniquely!