Let the games begin!

In honor of the Olympic games starting this weekend, and the opening ceremony tonight, I though I'd share with you the super cute side of the whole competitive sport thing, and that is their official mascots.

It wasn't until the Beijing Summer Games of 2008 did I realize that the Olympics actually had mascots. I thought The Fuwi, as they were called, were just the cutes little critters and if I had been in attendance of the games I would have come home with a little plush doll of all 5 of them.

Apparently Olympic Mascots have been around for 40 years. Some ranging from down right creepy and odd looking to cute recognizable animals such as bears, dogs, and birds. But I think the more animated, fictitious, child friendly creations are the way to go. They remind me of characters I see on Nick Jr. shows, so it's easy why kids can relate to their look. Especially since like so many kid shows they have their own website where you can meet, watch videos, and play games with the characters.

Miga a mythical seabear who is part orca part kermode bear (on the far left) and enjoys snowboarding and anything exciting and fun.

Quatchi is a young sasquatch (just left of the cake) who comes from the forest of Vancouver, is a bit shy and loves hockey.

Sumi (on the far right) is an animal spirit who lives in the mountains of British Columbia. He loves alpine skiing and protecting the land, water and sky.

And, last but not least, Mukmuk (the little guy coming out of the cake) a friendly Vancouver marmot who loves to eat, hibernate, which explains why he would be inside the cake and is the official "sidekick" to the Olympic mascots.

They are created by a Vancouver based design firm called Meomi. They seemed to be a well established design firm, and their website is so cute. They have a Japanese/anime feel to their art work, which I find absolutely adorable. Click around on their website to see what these 2 talented artists, Vicki Wong and Michael Murphy, have dreamed up out of their imaginations. You'll have a Meomi desktop on your computer by end of the day I just know it!

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