Some pretty things, literally!

pretty things

In my Blogging Your Way course I've been learning some nifty tricks on how to create collages in Picasa that I can upload directly to my blog. Before I could start messing with the program I had to upload pictures into it first. Thinking I would just chose a handful of random pictures off the web then start to play. Using trusty ol' Google images as my starting point I typed in "Pretty Things," thinking that would be vague enough I could pick the first 5 pictures it pulled up.

I was really surprised when I had to dig through a few pages back before I even landed on something that was pleasing to my eyes. So hence that's where the above images came from. Any old Blueprint Magazine readers will recognize the image with the yellow flats.

I found Picasa really easy to work with and it organizes your pictures in album folders really nicely. If you're looking for a new photo editor to try I recomend downloading this one; it's free and it automatically uploads any pictures you already have saved on your desktop.

Have a great weekend, find a "pretty thing" to make you smile!

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