Scrapbooker's Paradise

I want to share with you my top 5 lines of scrapbook paper. Nothing thrills me more than an email from my favorite online scrapbook store sending me an email alert of a new designers line or an old favorite has come out with a new season or holiday collection. I immediately start thinking of what kind of pages and layouts could go with my newly coveted piece of 12x12 paper.
My favorite place to buy paper from is a great website called It's run by the sweetest couple who really care about their customers and run a really great business. I get an email at least once a week letting me know about new products, sales, contests and how to earn points to get free stuff if you have an account. They have all the best product lines and I want to share some scrapbook designers that have me wanting every piece of paper they make.

* Cosmo Cricket--A small business running at the top of their game. This 2 artist team has come up with over 20 lines in 4 years. They combine cute child like images with super cute vintage embellishments. I loved their "Jolly by Golly" Christmas line this past year and other favorites include Earth Love, Girl Friday and Early Bird. I usually buy the whole line's bundle because I can't just pick out one or two sheets.

(Lines: Earth Love, Girl Friday, Jolly by Golly)

* Sassafrass Lass--When I discovered this line 2 years ago with their Life is Beautiful and their Christmas line Life at the Pole their adorable scalloped boarders and adorable woodland characters make me squeal with delight.

(Lines: Cherry Delicious, Nerdy Bird, Fawnd of You, Too)

* October Afternoon--The two words I would use to describe this line is country and vintage. Many of their patterned paper makes me think of Little House on the Prairie. They have soft warm colors, and delicate feminine feel to their patterns, stripes, floral and polka dots. They also incorporate these great 50's and 60's images to their paper too. Sometimes I find myself wanting to make more of a collage/mixed media design with their paper than actual scrapbooking with text and pictures.

* My Minds Eye- With over 10 years in the paper and scrapbooking business MME knows how to make beautiful paper. They are notorious for coming out with some of the best holiday lines for Christmas and Halloween. Every year I anxiously await to see what they've created for the holiday. And the variety! They usually come out with either 2 or 4 pairs of new lines at a time, so if you were in love with a particular line they came out with but didn't love the floral print in the pinks, creams and purples chances are they created a similar line with blues, greens, and browns to suit both masculine and feminine creations. Or especially with the holidays they'll create one that's more geared towards kids and another more classic and decorative. They also create great journal cards and punch out embellishments to add an additional layer and flair to your pages. Nobody does a bigger variety of patterned paper than My Minds Eye.

(Lines: Spider's Web, Quite Contrary)

* SEI--If you're looking for a trendy, sophisticated paper for your scrapbooking then SEI is your store. They have an amazing amount of fancy floral designs and what's great is they're printed on nice thick, high quality paper with a slight shine to their paper. They favor bring pinks, yellows and greens which for a girlie girl like me I can't resist their papers.

(Lines: Juliette, Mimosa, Bridgeport)

So now you know my scrapbooking paper weaknesses. It's no wonder I have drawers and scrapbook organizers overflowing with papers for all occasions. Happy shopping, and I apologize now if you experience cuteness overload!


  1. OH WOW, thanks for sharing this round up! I'm not so much into paper scrapbooking to be honest, but lovely paper goodies are definitely a temptation I just can't resist, even if maybe it will stay there for months beforfe I have the chance to actually use it, likely for gift packaging!
    Do you also like digital scrapbooking? If yes, see also here: fav store, full of free stuff too
    Suze (fellow student at BYW)


  2. Just in time: one of my husband's cousins who travels to the States once in a while told me about bookscraping a few days ago. She told me about some books of scraping papers she saw and I had no idea what she was talking about... now I do - thanks to you!!

  3. Gosia, you're so welcome! You need to get some of your favorite pictures out and start scrapping! :)

    Suze-I know exactly what you mean about buying something and not using it until months later. I'm such a sucker for cute paper that I'll buy it because I'm in love with it but have no idea what to use it for! Thanks for the link, I haven't done much digital scrapbooking but maybe now I will!