Keeping Spring in my heart

With cold temperatures and gloomy skies it's hard to imagine that Spring will ever come. Especially since ol' Punxsutawney Phil predicted 6 more weeks of winter only 2 days ago. Haven't we suffered enough cold weather for one season??

But there's one thing that helps chase the Winter blues away and that's Spring looks are making their way into clothing stores. It may be silly to think about wearing wedge sandals, summer dresses and floaty tank tops while I'm bundled up in a hat, mittens, and scarfs to go out to shop for these actual pieces, but the promise of wearing them in a month or so is enough to keep me satisfied.

Several months ago I noticed a sign up at my local Anthropologie asking their shoppers to donate plastic bottles for a window display. This of course peaked my interest and I started imagining what window display would come from plastic bottles and today the secret was revealed!

In their monthly newsletter they shared their concept for this season about finding a way to reuse an everyday object in an extraordinary work of art. Their NYC design team came up with the water bottle; and they discovered when cut correctly the top and bottom make a beautiful floral design. Below are step by step directions if you're feeling ambitious to make your own plastic floral bouquet.

They also have a flickr album set up for stores to share their completed designs and it is amazing to see how all their store interpret the idea of reusing, recycling, gardening, flowers and spring into something totally unique and different. That is one of the many things I love about this company. That they encourage creativity and originality.

So head out to your local Anthro and take in the gorgeous window display, and wish and hope that Phil was wrong about when Winter will be over.

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