Pemberton's Greenhouse

Pemberton's Greenhouse 555 Keller Court Lexington, KY
I have found a little green house haven in Lexington: Pemberton's Greenhouse. I shouldn't say little, because the property had several greenhouses, houses, and out door areas all dedicated to growing beautiful plants. They even had a whole greenhouse dedicated to indoor house plants. I was a happy girl strolling up and down all the isles of succulents. The staff was incredibly friendly and they know their stuff. If you had any question on what to buy or how to keep it alive (me) these people would steer you in the right direction. I was happy to take home a small array of plants and succulents for a terrarium for under $20. For someone who is just starting to turn their thumb green I can't wait to go back to Pemberton's to find some more interesting plants. 
Such joy to see a wide variety of size and type of succulents

rows, and rows of tiny plants growing in the sun 

this little guy is super interesting; a burro's tail succulent 

some succulents and a baby tear plant will make for a fine terrarium arrangement

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