Friday Flick Picks

Powerful tear jerker. The title sums it up, it seems impossible that a family of 5 separated by a tsunami can all survive and find one another. It's a beautiful story, but a little difficult to watch. When I think of natural disasters in movies they come off apparently fake. It usually fits into an "end of the world disaster" movie and you don't get to see in detail the effects of something like this. The Impossible really breaks it down, and even though nothing bloody or gory was happening I found that I couldn't watch it in places because it was so horrifyingly real. If you're at the bottom of your "must watch" list before the Oscars go and see this movie, but if you're on the fence I say wait to rent it. Naomi is great as usual, but nothing that's going to win her an award. But what a beautiful story about family. Happy weekend little apples! 

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